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Zambia blows hot, threatens clampdown on sex toys merchants

The Zambian government has threatened to clamp down on individuals and businesses selling sex toys.

There has been a surge in adverts promoting sex toys on social media, prompting the ministry of religious affairs to speak out.

Zambia, which by the constitution has been declared a Christian nation, is highly conservative and practices such as same-sex marriages are frowned upon.

Reverend Godfridah Sumaili, the minister in charge of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, says her ministry would work closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure the sale of sex toys was completely halted in Zambia:

The penal code under Section 177 forbids the importation, sale, conveyance and engaging in the promotion of obscene materials or objects that can corrupt morals.

Therefore, the government will not allow this evil and immoral act of using sex toys.”

But Sean Tembo, a leader of an opposition party, has disagreed with the minister.

He said:

What the Honourable Minister of Religious Affairs is trying to do by wrongly threatening those that wish to purchase sex dolls, is that she is trying to impose her personal values on the rest of our citizens, which is a violation of both the Holy Bible and our republican constitution, which encourage and protects an individual’s right to exercise free will.

It must be noted that salvation is an individual choice and must not be imposed by the state.”

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