Yvonne Nelson slams folks who share success stories

Yvonne Nelson has some words for folks who have a penchant for sharing their success stories on social media.

While the actress appreciates the oft-uplifting stories, she thinks it is unfair when such stories are told without the sharer including their struggles.

Why? Because she believes success is not magic; and stories without a full narrative arc are deceptive.

Yvonne Nelson

“If you wanna inspire with your success story, say it all, the backstory, the craziness,” she wrote.

“Don’t make it look easy when it wasn’t. Don’t sugar coat it! Stop lying to people. It’s not MAGIC.”

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Many people have agreed with this position, while others have noted that no one owes any person the full arc of their success stories and as such, Nelson should not police how people express themselves.

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