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Yola Bishop frees 26 inmates

The Bishop of Yola, Adamawa State, Most Rev Dr. Stephen Dami Mamza, of the Catholic Diocese has facilitated the release of 26 inmates serving various prison sentences at the Yola Maximum prison to commemorate 2016 as the Year of Peace set aside by the pontiff, Pope Frances 11.

Mamza, who facilitated the release of the inmates met all conditions for 26 of the inmates before their release, on Wednesday, said the Church’s compassion and mercy for the needy symbolised the outlook of the Global Catholic Church to commemorate 2016 as the Year of Mercy.

He gave an insight into the release of the inmates to the effect that he was moved with compassion to seek the release of the inmates, some of whom, he disclosed, had been in incarceration for over a year due to their inability to pay the meager fines as option attached to their sentences.

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