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Xenophobia Attacks: South Africa Closes Lagos Consulate

Following protests by Nigerians against attacks on foreigners in South Africa, the country on Wednesday announced the closure of its consulate in Lagos.
The country’s Consul-General in Nigeria, Sam Monaisa, said this in a statement to the South African Business Forum.
According to him, the closure would remain in force until Thursday.
Although the situation in Durban has calmed down, he was concerned about the Nigerians that were being repatriated.
Monaisa accused Nigerians of “using the social media to blow an already tensed situation in South Africa out of proportion and stoking emotions.”
This was why Nigerians believed that their compatriots were being killed daily in South Africa, he said.
He warned members of SABF, to stay alert and not move around unnecessarily.
South African business concerns and citizens became targets of threats and acts of retaliation whenever xenophobic attacks occurred in South Africa, he cautioned.
Meanwhile, South Africa’s cabinet has warned that companies operating in the rest of Africa might be targeted, just as Johannesburg-based Sasol Ltd. announced it was repatriating South African employees working on projects in Mozambique for their own safety.

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