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X3M Ideas shortlisted for Lurzer’s Archive Grand Slam Award

Godwin Anyebe

One of Nigerian Leading advertising agencies, X3M Ideas, has been shortlisted for the Lurzer’s Archive Grand Slam debut edition, which seeks to reward creators of outstanding ideas across the globe.

The Nigerian agency got shortlisted for the Grand Slam in the digital category with its work tagged “Depression”, a self funded social service campaign to combat the increasing pace of suicide in the Nigerian society at about mid-2017.

An earlier review, which spotted the advocacy campaign as a parity breaking work, noted the agency rode on the aphorism, “A problem shared is a problem half solved”, to offer a helping hand to the growing number of depressed individuals and youth in the country.

X3M Ideas expressed regrets about the turn of events in the country especially with the increasing incidents of suicides and attempted suicides, a development, which the agency management believes, was unlike the known Nigerian “can do” and “never say die” spirit, it therefore puts its entire being into proffering a way out of the quagmire.

Speaking on this development in a statement made available to Journalists recently in Lagos, Steve Babaeko, Chief Executive Officer, X3M Ideas said; “It was part of these virtues that Nigerians are globally recognized as the “happiest people” on the globe despite all the odds. This is why we, as X3M Ideas, cannot keep silent in the face of this ugly development” explained Steve Babaeko, Chief Executive Officer, X3M Ideas.

The grand slam described as a “competition like no other” is rooted in the Lürzer’s Archive’s passion for showcasing brilliant creative work from around the world.

“Lürzer’s Archive debuts Lürzer’s Grand Slam, a one of a kind competition. Our belief is that the most remarkable work in the world is the one that adds value to people’s lives and businesses.

“We will celebrate and applaud all groundbreaking ideas, as well as rewarding them with something of real value – money” said Christian Lürzer, CEO, Lurzer’s Archive .

According to the Grand Slam organizers, 60% of all submission fees will go to winners.

“Lürzer’s Grand Slam is the first and only advertising competition that rewards the best work with prize money. We think it is only fair to use real value to reward the creators of ideas that push the industry forward, whether the creators come from agencies, clients or production companies, it said..

Lürzer’s Grand Slam is absolutely transparent about the earnings from submissions and will make them public in real time. Regardless of the number of entries, 60% of all the earnings acquired from the submissions will be awarded as prize money to the winners.

Silver winners will receive two times higher Prize Money than Bronze while Gold winners will receive three times higher Prize Money than Silver. In addition, all the entrants that submit work to Lürzer’s Grand Slam will get a free Lürzer’s Archive subscription for one year.

Babaeko, speaking on the agency’s passion for consistently finding the time and resources to churn out campaigns to promote social causes despite its busy work schedule and scarce resources, explains that as corporate organization, X3M Ideas is always pained when situations and events takes a downward turn.









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