1. If he was an Islamic terrorist, why did he sanction Osama Bin Laden’s termination? Please remain annonymous in mediocrity!

  2. America will be great again.
    as TRUMP restores the culture which Obama desecrated.
    homosexuality has never been in American culture.

  3. I do marvel at the reasoning of some so called christian apologies, especially those who have close Muslim friends and know what they stand for, but still go behind to stab Islam. You may pretend to be confused or ignorant but every mentally sound person know the difference between a Muslim and a Terrorist.
    For Trump, the choice is his, one should not expect God fearing decisions and activities from going by his past and questionable manner of emerging as president.
    America has relatively been peaceful, let his approach not instigate hostility , enmity, attacks on America. Let those who are worldly continue to worship America, never my own model, far from it.

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