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What do women keep in their handbag?

Have you ever wondered what our dearest ladies carry up and down in their handbags? Well then’ its time to find out.

To me this question as to what ladies keep in their bags is as old as time it self. It is an age old curiosity among men. All the hullabaloos about what a lady keeps in her bag have made it scary especially for men to touch ladies bags though most people see it as unethical for a man to look into a lady’s bag.

Movies have created a huge misconception that almost all ladies have charms in their bags. A friend once said, if you want to be blind then look into a lady’s bag. But is that all that there can be ; if that is true, in a lady’s bag?

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We all assume for sure that every person keeps money on him or her self to cater for one thing or the other. However only 72% of ladies keep money in their hand bags according to a survey, and it’s even in small amounts. What then keeps their bags so occupied?

Ladies especially between the ages of 18 and 24 are mostly not seen with extremely expensive bags but then they carry the most expensive contents including make up kits, sun glasses, perfumes ,wipers , hand creams , nail files , painkillers , sanitary towels , combs , lip gloss , and wait , what on earth would a cucumber be doing in a lady’s bag?

This was what drew me to the question; why would ladies not allow people look in their handbags? From sources, some ladies would rather have a stranger use their tooth brush than look into their hand bags. That cucumber answered my question.

Cucumbers are used in preparing food, but talking of the shape and size of that cucumber tells a different story as to its presence in a lady’s bag. If the explanation from this lady is that it is in there because she is lonely, is this not a mystery? Especially when they prove quiet popular among lesbians?

Don’t be so frightened however, since others keep them for snacks and as a remedy for puffed eyes after staying out all night long. Have you learnt something here?

One can never fully answer that question of the content of a lady’s bag, but all those mentioned are for the lady to feel comfortable. Talk about the sanitary towels when caught in that monthly disaster, and the painkillers to sooth the pain it comes with, then the “luu roll” when there is an emergency, and a spare knickers when our boyfriends keep them overnight, combs to keep our hair tidy, and the make up kits to make us more beautiful where ever we go.

What have you found in a lady’s bag? What do you keep in your bag as a lady? Please let us know.

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