Why this woman ripped off her boyfriend’s p*nis


A raunchy sex session ended in bloodshed when a woman ripped her boyfriend’s penis because she was distracted by the X Factor’s live results.

Report by Mirror said that Allan Blake tore his frenulum, a tag of skin between the foreskin and the shaft, after his partner Emma Pearce jolted during love making in a bid to glimpse the talent show results

Emma Pearce, 34, and her fiancé Allan Blake, 28, were getting hot and steamy in the living room when she jolted trying to glimpse the talent show – ripping a tag of skin on his manhood in the process.

Carer Emma, of St Austell, Cornwall, said: “Next thing I knew, there was blood everywhere.”

Worried about Allan – and her cream carpets – Emma took him to the bathroom, where she dialled the NHS 111 non-emergency number for advice.

Asked by the operator to rate his pain on a scale of one to 10, Allan, who cannot work because of ill health, replied: “What on earth do you think?”

He was however advised to take painkillers and wrap his penis in a flannel to help with the swelling.

Two days later, the hapless pair visited the GP, where Allan was told he had torn his frenulum, or banjo string, a tag of skin between the foreskin and the shaft.

He was assured everything would heal naturally, although the doctor warned that he is now at risk of it happening again.

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