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Woman gives birth to twins after 18 years of waiting


Congratulatory messages are in row for a woman who finally experienced what motherhood felt like after many years of waiting.  Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Nothing could be as frustrating as having to wait indefinitely for miracles to happen when looking up to God for the fruit of the womb. It is an indefinite wait because one can never be sure of the time it could happen. While many get married and give birth almost immediately, some have to endure a long and agonising wait that leaves them taunted. In this part of the world, it is rare for couples to conclude on not having children. The society expects couples who are getting married to give birth almost immediately. In cases where the people involved are working or living separately due to one reason or the other, people may not mount so much pressure on them. However, the story will change if the situation remains the same after many years. One could imagine the scrutiny and embarrassment this new mother must have experienced while she was still looking up to God. Some women do not make it easy for women waiting as they will continue to rub the fact they are childless in their faces. Some mock them indirectly and even make up stories as to support their inability to give birth.

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