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Woe to promoters of hatred in Osun

Gradually, the specter of unrests is enveloping the entire Nigeria and there appears no one (may be not so) to quench the fire. The North Eastern part of the country has been under the sledge hammer of the irredentist religious bigots, who termed themselves Boko Haram.

Of late, we have seen a rejuvenation of immense hostilities coming from those avenging perceived injustice of their region in the name of Niger Delta Avengers, and their likes. Of course, the Igbo Kwenus can never be couched from their self-determination call (they say you cannot kill an ideology), and so we have seen some bloodshed from that end in the recent past.

Of all the regions in the country, the South West appears to have enjoyed some relative peace especially after the Odua Peoples Congress (OPC) had been effectively quietened. Sadly, however, this peace in the land of Oduduwa may be fading and fast, too. A region where both Christians and Muslims are known to have cohabited for centuries may be caving in to some religious crisis of unimaginable proportion now, if urgent steps are not taken to curtail it.

The ravaging discontent in Yorubaland, and which will soon engulf the entire country is the wearing of hijab by students in Osun State schools. The issue is fast getting messier and no government official, both at the state and the national level has shown interest in it.

Now in the state, no thanks to a court judgment, students can wear veils (hijabs) to even Christian schools, when the original owners of such schools voiced their disapproval of the practice. The Christian leaders in the state, of course, would not allow that happen without giving a fight and so instructed their own children to go to school thenceforth in their various church robes and regalia. It was a pitiable situation to behold.

Apparently trying to prevent their wards being harassed, some Alfas (Muslim clerics) and church leaders had to jettison their hourly service to God to assume the roles of security personnel as they shepherded their wards to school and stayed put at entrances of the school.

It was reported that in Iwo town, things would have gone awry among religious leaders, but for the timely intervention of the traditional ruler of the town. In all this, the Chief Security Officer of the state is yet to utter any placating word to calm frayed nerves. All seem to be alright in the sight of the state government.

If the state government enjoys the parade, then well-meaning Nigerians should rise up and nip the impending inferno in the bud. Adherents of both religions are in virtually every Yoruba family and had been like that since centuries. Some religious bigots should not be allowed to bring disunity and conflagration into the region.

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