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Wike running parallel country- APC

The Rivers State All Progressives Congress (APC) Chairman, Dr Davies Ibiamu Ikanya has accused the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike of running a parallel country within the territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The chairman who addressed a press conference at the APC National Secretariat in Abuja on Monday with national figures of the party in attendance alleged that Wike’s act of governance is outside the constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria saying: “he is giving his own rules”. His words: “It is very pathetic what is happening in Rivers State now.

The PDP Governor in Rivers State seems to be running a country of his own. He does not obey any part of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He gives his own rules, he has his own set of laws and he does not bother about the Constitution of the Federal Republic. “I can give you instances; first and foremost, this is a man that has his own army that is free to kill and all he does is, go to AIT and give reasons why he should kill. “This is somebody that has actually threatened anybody that wants to conduct elections in Rivers State to write his will. We lost a youth corper, some soldiers were killed, a State Security Services (SSS) operative was killed.

Two days ago, Dr. Vincent Elvin Eebee was killed in Bori and this is where Nyesom Wike has blackmailed soldiers not to carryout their constitutional duty of taking away arms from criminals. We are aware also that the office of our Senator, Senator Magnus Abe was brought down by bombs planted by hoodlums in that area. So, it is difficult to say who would be the next person to be killed in Rivers State”, he said. According to him, the judiciary is not left out “They have gone to the Judiciary, you can see the kind of order that a judge of the High Court of the state would give. We said this to the country that Nyesom Wike had procured the judiciary in Rivers State to do his bidding. As I am speaking to you now, they have compiled a list of over 100 APC leaders to be arraigned.

They will just arrest you, give you a charge and commit you to prison. That is what is happening right now in Rivers state”. The chairman further alleged, “One example is Ojukaye Flag Amachree, an APC leader in Asari-Toru that went to the Police Station to bail a party man only for the police to turn around and say oh! We are even looking for you. This is the charge against you, murder. Now, they kill our people and they turn around to bring murder charges against us, we have lost a lot of our party members. This is what we are suffering in Rivers State, and as I speak with you Ojukaye is in prison custody”, he cried.

“We are calling on every Nigerian to rise to fight against this kind of terrorism. This is a government that is killing her people in the name of politics. We have written a lot of petitions, we have made a lot of complains, we have held press conferences and nothing seems to be happening, because the man at the helm of affairs in Rivers State does not respect any law of this country”, he alleged.

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  1. Saints Daniel Nwaru Saints Daniel Nwaru April 27, 2016

    Chief Wike is fighting the injustice of the APC nothing more. So, Chief ikanya should shut up, hence chief Wike won’t allow the Fulani murderers to attack rivers state as they have done to other state, as the APC led government of Buhari will send a political condolence message after 3days. One Nigeria is a fraud.

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