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Why Yelling Doesn’t Work

Children may be sometimes annoying that you feel like hitting them yet, even parents who don’t want to hit them may find him or herself yelling.A study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh and University of Michigan, published by Child Development, says yelling can’t solve the problem.

What yelling can cause

Shouting at kids makes them become even more stubborn. It also results in strong negative behaviours and emotional breakdown in children. Children feel angrier with yelling and see the need to continually defend themselves. Children who are being yelled at lose the emotional trust for their parents.

How to get them to obey you

It’s simple. Rather than shout, take time to sit them down and explain how what they are doing hurts you and why they should change. It may not be easy getting them to understand you at first but, with time, they begin to reason with you.


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