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Why People should embrace equal balance in life-Goni

Combining professionalism, entrepreneurship and offering humanitarian activities to the society have been Rahma Goni’s keen interest in life as she also reflect these in her book ‘’Prisons of our Realm.’

In this profile interview with Nneka Nwogwugwu, the Borno-born scholar explains the need to exercise balance in life. 


You’ve written a book and created landmark achievement for yourself. Can you, please, tell us more about yourself?

My name is Rahma Mustapha Goni. I am from Borno state. I had both my primary and secondary education at El-Kanemi College of Islamic Theology in Maiduguri. I studied Geology from the University of Maiduguri and graduated with a First Class Honours in 2016. During my convocation, I got awards from Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), Unimaid’s Faculty of Science, Nigerian Association of University Women, Borno state scholarship for masters. I proceeded to the University of Manchester, UK, where I obtained my Master’s degree in Petroleum Geoscience and Exploration.In 2017, I wrote a book titled ‘’ Prisons of our realm’’ and it is currently available at Tarbiyah bookstores in Wuse and Book sellers stores in Garki, Abuja.

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What motivated you into writing a book?

I’m always emotional about things that are happening in the society and to people especially to women that can’t advocate for themselves.  Being part of the young generation, we often get confused about issues concerning religion and culture.This concern led me to gather information from different experiences and scriptures to see that answers are provided to some of the questions that people need. I decided to write the book so that anybody can benefit from it. 

What does the title of your book reflect?

The title of the book reflects on different aspects of life. It reflected on spirituality, brotherhood, character and among others. Your background or religion doesn’t matter in this case because the book covered all aspects. It is an open minded book that anybody can read and benefit from. 

What is the theme of your book and what does the audience of your book stand to derive?

The book is non-fictional. It looked at life’s experiences and what the scriptures in the Holy books are saying about them.The theme is just about balancing everything that you need in life. It is very necessary for people to balance spiritual belief with reality, balance relationships especially with brotherhood and use the lesson to fit into the society. Balance is key to understanding life and building good relationships.

Prisons of Realm by Rahma Mustapha Goni

Tell us more about your Foundation?

Back then in the university, my friends and I formed a group where we discussed a lot of things. In one of our meetings in 2016, I brought an idea that founded the Khadimalad-dean Youth Charity Foundation.Our purpose is actually to ensure we provide basic necessities for education for students in primary and secondary schools. These basic necessities are in the form of books, clothing and to also monitor their performances in school.Also, during Ramadan, we provide them with foods.For now, we usually conduct outreach presently in Maiduguri but we are planning on extending it to other locations and that’s why we are seeking collaborations.We always have outreaches periodically. We don’t have a fixed time for conducting outreaches. We attend to issues when the need arises and we get donations from any willing person and also source for funds externally. 

Any further programmes in the future?

We are planning organizing an event where we invite other scholars or dignitaries with the intent to seek collaborations from other foundations so that we can touch more lives.We are also planning partnering with a school for orphans. We have started with Future primary school in Maiduguri, where we render mentorship and coach these orphans.I’m also thinking of advancing myself educationally like going for another Masters, MBA and phD programmes. I also want to acquire more skills as much as I can. These skills are for leisure time. I am also preparing to write another book. 

Any other thing you would want us to know about you?

Asides my interest for professionalism, I am currently working in the tax system. I was a lecturer for a while at Nile University of Nigeria. I am a motivational speaker, counselor and life coach. I am also acquiring more skills like painting. I am also an entrepreneur.For those that will be interested in knowing more about me, they can simply visit my social media handles. They are: Facebook: Rahmer Mustapha Goni / page: Almas Vlogs, YouTube Channel: Rahma Mustapha Goni (Almas Vlogs), Instagram: almas_interior_n_more, almas.vlogs.

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 Any advice for people looking up to you?

Whatever you feel you want to do even if you feel it won’t be sustainable just do it. Go out there and do anything you want to do with confidence.

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