Why I returned to APC – Barnabas Gemade

Barnabas Gemade has explained Why he returned to the APC. Daily times gathered that in an interview with The Sun he explained in details what prompted his action to return to APC.

When I left the PDP in 2015, precisely 2014, it was because the party had put a framework on ground to stop me from getting my second term as senator representing my senatorial zone.

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And I said well, if you have arsenals flying to shoot you down and you foolishly decide to stay there to be shot, then you are not a clever person. That’s why I left the PDP to APC.

And I left in good time enough to win my election. And as you know, the incumbent governor of the state at that time contested against me and lost the election.

In 2019, similar arsenals were put on line to stop me from seeking my election back into the senate and I, in a similar manner, decided to change camp in order that I can assure an election back into the senate.

He said, Politics is a dynamic game as you know. And in Nigeria, because of the numerous military interventions, no politician can ever say that he is a politician of one political party throughout his political life because if you did not move from one to the other, the military will abrogate the one you have and so, you will join another one or you form another one.

And that is what makes politics in Nigeria very dynamic, very much against established democracies like the United States, Britain, India and so on and so forth where people belong to one political party from generation to generation.

Apart from that, in Nigeria, the dynamics of politics are such that there are no issues that keep you permanently in one political idea because situations keep changing.

Well, I do not work on insinuations, I work on facts. All my life, I’m a factual man, so I work on facts.

The fact is that you move in politics based on the interests that present themselves. Yes, those things that you said are also interests but those are not the primary issues that govern someone’s interest.

He also spoke about practice of politics in Benue, how in 1999 it was such that the other two zones were being represented almost permanently by single candidates. In Zone C, David Mark had been there five times.

In Zone B, Senator George Akume was seeking his fourth term because he had been there three terms.

And so, for me, seeking my third term in Zone A was a very mundane issue that was not supposed to attract any form of opposition. But people chose to say it’s their turn and all of that.

And then, when I saw that the climate in the APC was not conducive to guarantee that there would be fair contest in my seeking nomination, I decided to leave.

Unfortunately, I left too late into SDP that was not a properly organised political party and we could not prosecute the election properly.

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Now, since after that, the situation in our state has presented itself in a manner which everybody is concerned.

It is because of this reason that I felt that SDP is not a political party I can operate in to cause any effect in this state about good leadership, good governance, good representation or even good politicking.

So, I decided that I should go back to the party that I joined in 2015 and we made a huge success. That is why I’m back in APC.

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