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Why I kept my relationship off social media – Grace Amah

Having returned back with a bang, Grace Amah is not stopping at becoming more relevant in the industry. Grace Amah is one of the old generations of Nollywood actors whose impact and acting prowess is second to none. In this chat with MUTIAT ALLI, Grace spoke on motherhood, relationship, and advice to young talents coming into Nollywood?

What was it like coming back into the industry after a long break?

Coming back into the industry wasn’t easy, but the good thing is that we are playing different roles and interpreting roles differently. My fans were excited to have me back.

That is a good one and a plus for me. It’s a good thing we have new acts, I was also a new act at the time I came into the industry.

I had senior colleagues; I still have senior colleagues so it’s a good thing. I am back for good and coming back again with something huge.

Does that mean if you hadn’t become a mother, you will still be stereotyped?

I don’t know like I said nothing has changed in my height and size. Except that I have added weight a little bit.

The role I am playing in ‘It’s a crazy world’ is a different role entirely. That is why I am finding it exciting to play it.

Juggling acting and motherhood, how has it been? Is he always with you on set?

Coincidentally, my son joined me some weeks back on set because they are on mid-term break. I have a house help and my mum is also available. He stays with them when I am on set.

What would you say about celebrities who put their personal lives on social media?

Funny enough, it’s their choice. Everybody is entitled to whatever he or she wants to do and especially my female folks really.

I am not just the person that puts my life on social media. We are now in the age and time where everything you do has to be on social media to be able to either get endorsements or followers.

It’s a good thing to put your work out there, but for me putting my relationship on social media is a no-no. My work can be on social media, but not my private life.

Being a single parent what has it made you discover about yourself?

I have always been strong, but it made me a stronger person, it made me see life from a different point of view.

Years back I can throw caution to the wind, but today, I cannot do that.

There are times I want to take some decisions, but when I think of the fact that I am now a mother now and I have someone who is looking up to me, I tend to have a rethink on it.

It has taught me a lot, It is still teaching me, I am still learning and putting in my best to be a better person.

Have you given up on love?

Why should I give up on love? You don’t particularly rule out things just because a particular step you took wasn’t the right one or didn’t favour you.

I love to love and whatever has happened hasn’t taken love away from me. It has not, to be honest with you.

How long did it take you to come to this realization that you won’t allow the experience you had hurt you?

Don’t let me go into details because whatever happened wasn’t like things went bad, the only thing is that we didn’t go to the altar. At the right time, what will play out will play out in terms of marriage.

What advice do you have for young talents coming into Nollywood?

I will say established Nollywood stars make fans desperate. I don’t want to mention names; they only follow what they see. The industry I looked forward to coming into was an industry of potentials.

When I got into the industry my vision was to be a role model to the younger ones. I also got into the industry because I want to fend for myself and for my family.

Fast forward to this moment, there is a whole lot of competition within my colleagues, especially the females in the industry , you want to outshine yourselves, you want to outshine others, you want them to feel ‘I am the best, this is me’.

I attended auditions when I came into the industry. Sometimes I wake up as early as 6am, go back home, go do my house chores and then go back for the auditions proper.

After 20 auditions, you don’t get to see your name. When you look back at those days knowing God has smiled on you today, you don’t want to throw those years away.

Some of us got into the industry on a platter of gold, may be you were just walking on the road side and someone puts you on a movie. Lo and behold, the movies sell well and you become a star.

When they see that their senior colleagues are doing these things, they tend to want to go nude or do things in a bid that will outshine others.

The competition is so high and we need to cut it down because we are not encouraging our younger ones at all. We are making them not to see life as it should be, step by step, taking it one step a time.

They just want to come in and become stars overnight. That is what I can say about it. We need to help our up and coming ones; we are also guilty of it.