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Why Are Industries Closing Down?

So many industries have been closing down in Nigeria due to one reason or the other, but it appears some powers are still against the remaining ones.
It beats my imagination that Nigeria, despite the economy recession it is going through, still to closes down young industries thus making life very difficult for young entrepreneurs.
Why are industries being closed down in Nigeria?

Daniel Odenekan
33, Isale Koko Close
Lagos State

The enquiry of Mr. Odenekan was taken up with one of the top officials of the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), who told the TIMESEARCH that Nigerian industries were not just closed down for the fun of closing them down.
According to the official who craved anonymity, “ As far back as 2013, it would be recalled that the Director-General of SON, Dr. Odumodu, made a pronouncement during a national sensitization workshop tagged ‘Save the nation, shun substandard products’ for the National Association of Nigeria Traders (NANTS), Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Chapter sometime in 2013.”
According to the official, the Director General made it clear in his statement that fake and substandard products contributed immensely to the closure of many industries and unemployment rate in the country. He quoted the DG as saying, “ Fake and substandard products chased away good products which led to factories closing down and hundreds of thousands becoming jobless…”
Quoting the Director General further, the official said, “We must understand that for us as a nation any import into Nigeria is a job created for the exporter country. It is also a job loss for Nigeria. It is better for us as a country to patronize Nigeria-made products for two main reasons: By buying Nigerian products, we are helping to create employment opportunities for our teeming school leavers and building a better and stronger economy for our country. Secondly, you are also helping government to protect our citizens from the evil effects of substandard products.
“The organisation is trying its best to make sure that goods in Nigeria are not substandard, and closure of industries are not malicious,” the official added.

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