Where Are Nigerian Female Rappers?

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By Mutiat Alli

As heavy competition and battle for the queen of Hip-hop position rolls on, many of our chart-topping female rappers are either out of the game or fading out. MUTIAT ALLI ex-rays some of our supposed celebrated female rappers


Bukola Folayan aka Bouqui, is a name that is in the memory of fans and history of Nigerian music. What bothers the mind now is if it can remain on the lips. She grew up in academic atmosphere and is full of Christian faith. This fact is obviously clear in her lyrics and composition.

Her first album is called B.O.U.Q.U.I. Almost all her songs immediately become hits. Bouqui has had plenty of tours in the UK and in the USA. Thus, she is internationally known.

In 2013, she won the best Hip Hop Artiste of the year award. Her lyrics are very deep and thoughtful, that’s why her fans love her so much. Moreover, she is considered the first female to release a rap album in Nigeria.

Bouqui is a well-known gospel singer as well. Probably, this is the reason, why she has managed to avoid any possible scandals by now. Celebrities have their time and one wonders if hers is beginning to close up as she no longer make headlines. Her style of music apparently doesn’t concur with the trending style in Nigeria presently.

Eva Alordiah

Nigerian rapper Eva Alordiah has reignited anticipation for her full debut studio album, 1960.The wait for the album has waned in the past months, having suffered several reshuffles, delays and push backs.

The female rapper who bids to stay relevant in the industry has been fingered to be working hard enough. Releasing Video performance of “Mbali” featuring Yemi Alade off “1960” album, Eva features in Saeon’s “De Be”(Cypher) along with Ozone, Tesh Crter, YCee and A.T.Despite Eva releasing a reworked version of her single ‘Kanayo’ featuring Phyno and Reminisce months ago, many believed the album might never see the light of day.

However, fans of the multi-talented rapper can finally begin to look forward to the release of 1960, as an August 13 release date has been tentatively earmarked.

Eva teased a studio session with Femi Kuti and excitedly shared that the collaboration is expected to be on the album.


KemistryValerie Olukemi Olusanya was born in 1963. She was a very prominent musician and producer. She was one of the founders of Metalheadz label. She was born in the UK and died there at the age of 35 (1999).

Her career started as make-up artist. However, in the 1990s, she started DJing and also part of duo called Kemistry & Storm. Kemistry released mix album known as DJ-Kicks: Kemistry & Storm.

The talented rapper died in a road accident. She was killed instantaneously. One of the singles by Goldie (who is the co-founder of the label) is devoted to this prominent musician. It is called Kemistry.

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The song “Kemistry” by Goldie on his album Timeless, is dedicated to Olusanya. The song was released originally in 1992, as Goldie was in a relationship with Olusanya.


Mo’CheddahAnother popular Nigerian rapper Is Modupe-Oreoluwa Oyeyemi aka Mo’Cheddah who is also a singer. She released her debut studio album, Franchise Celebrity while signed to Knight House Entertainment.

The album was followed by the 2009 promotional single “If You Want Me”. Virtually all the songs on Franchise celebrity were hits. She parted ways with Knight House in February 2012 and established her own label, Cheddah Music. Since then she has been trying to promote her brand and music.

The regular upcoming acts in the industry seem to have drawn the attention away from Mo’Cheddah as well.

The Rapper and singer is yet to make a hit as massive as her previous ones as she seems to be fading away slowly and loosing grip of her fans. Her recent songs include ‘Let Me Love You’ Produced by Mosa and ‘Survive’ produced by Cobhams Asuquo. Both tracks were released in this year, 2016.


BlaiseAnother rapper who had been off radar is Blaise. She is one of the talented rappers born in Lagos. She has already worked with various prominent Nigerian artists. She is extremely talented. She has also featured in several commercials, which have added to her wealth.Blaise was once a member of the defunct Trybesmen.

In her music, she likes mixing various genres, such as ethnic, neo soul, and pop. In her compositions, fans find strong love towards her country and God. That’s why they adore her so much. Blaise, who feature Orlando Julius in “Osika”, and released single titled “Iya Yin” has been featured in recent track by Chioma Obi, “Soso gi” (You alone) She is also fading out slowly as she is yet to release a hit that blends with the present trend in the county.

Sasha P

Sasha POnce hailed queen of Nigerian Hip-hop, Sasha P took over and showed how awesome it was being a rapper. She maintained that position for quite a while and still strives to stay relevant considering the competition in the industry. Especially for female Rappers.

Sasha P was nominated at the maiden edition of the MAMAs as the best Female Artist of the year.In 2013, she decided to take a break from music to focus on being an entrepreneur and running her fashion label, Eclectic by Sasha.The female rapper, Sasha P, decided to return to the music scene with a cover of M.I’s The Box, taken from his Illegal Music 3 mix tape.

A 2016 release of April. She is likely to drop singles as the situation warrants but she is definitely not in the music business fully. Her legacy remains. So do her loyal fans.

Weird MC

Weird MCPopular tom-boy rapper Weird mc led the rap trend in 90s. She gained recognition in1996 with her game changing single ‘Allen Avenue’. Weird MC rocked the airwaves with her hit “Ijo Ya” and “After the Storm”.

The rapper caught the attention of even children who enjoyed and danced to the animated video of “Ijo ya”. The album earned her the best Pop Album at 2007 Headies.It was revealed a while back that weird mc was working with D’Tunes to put out a new album. We are still waiting for that album as it may be a comeback to her fading relevance.


MunaThis Beauty queen who performs under the name, Muna, debuts in 2016 with the captivating number titled “I Choose You” and this is a follow up to her November 2015 record titled “Muna” (Prod by BankyOnDBeatz).Munachi Abii, Songwriter, pageant winner, television presenter and mode resurfaced with a track in December and with the hip-hop queen battle, rivals and competitions in the Nigerian Music world, Muna took a bold step with BankyOnDBeatz to produce the track.

Muna who produced Happy Song (Wena) ft DJ Andre and Nice to meet you, produced by Don Adah, Released a track featuring Lamborghini titled “I Choose You”.


Kel topped the chart with “Wa wa alright” in 2009, then followed it up that same year with the release of her album. One is being forced to ask if she is one of those whom sit back after the first album.

According to her, “Being a female rapper puts you under pressure”.Kel was nominated Best Female artist, MAMA’s, 2009. She was also nominated best female artist of the year and she won

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