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When will enough be enough?


What will be the thing that will get Nigerians to say Enough is Enough? What will be done to Nigerians to make them stand up and fight for themselves? How far can Nigerians be pushed before they push back? What wall will Nigerians get to that they will be tired and say #EnoughIsEnough? How many Nigerians will go hungry before Nigerians get tired of the famine? How many properties will be destroyed before  citizens get tired of the destruction? How many Nigerians will be killed before citizens get tired of the bloodshed?
Repeatedly Nigerians have been beaten and abused.


Nigerians have been maimed and killed. What is that one thing that will push Nigerians to finally stand for themselves?

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The day Nigerians are able to stand for themselves is the day they will emancipate themselves. Nobody will do that for them. They will have to do that for themselves. No one can want freedom for a slave. A slave has to want that freedom for himself.

This year alone, the atrocities that have been meted on Nigerians is enough for them to fight back but as always Nigerians are ready to abdicate their responsibilities to God. Nigerians are waiting for God to save them.

They are praying and fasting. They are doing vigils. They seem to forget that God will not do for them what God has given them the capacity to do for themselves. The religious leaders are working hand in hand with the politicians and are helping to keep the people subjugated.

They continuously tell the citizens to leave everything to God. They make the problems we have to be spiritual to be solved by God while these problems are man-made and need citizens to come together and solve the problem.

Nothing is going to change in Nigeria unless the citizens decide to change it. It is important for citizens to fully understand this simple fact. There is no knight in shining armour that will solve the problems Nigeria is faced with. No one is going to do the dirty job while people stay clean and shiny and have a fabulous life.

One of the reasons why Nigerians are able to abdicate their responsibilities is because they have their problems being solved by fellow citizens and this gives them the enabling environment to keep abdicating their responsibilities.

They go to their fellow citizens to seek for help with paying their rent, school fees for their children, their medical treatment and everything in between. So the citizens have no incentive to make demands for their rights.

They are okay with all the atrocities that are being meted on them because they believe it will never be their turn since they pray to God and also the needs they have will be taken care of by the people around them who they can always carry their problems to.

Countries where citizens have no one to depend on for help, the citizens make demands on their government and ensure their government listen. Many have come out in large numbers to protest things that do not elicit even strong condemnation here in Nigeria.

Until Nigerians realise how government affect their lives and also when they have no people to act as stop gap for government they will not have the incentive to hold accountable the government that they voted for.

Also they will not be motivated to vote the right people instead of the people that give them money for their votes. People must begin to use their circle influence in ensuring people understand the implications of their voting patterns.

The citizens that are paid certain amount of money to vote candidates have their problems for the next four years taken over by fellow citizens and not those they sold their votes to. This must be pointed out to them so they know in clear terms what it does to the Nation and themselves.

Every election period is opportunity for a miracle. People are praying for a miracle and when they miracle comes they throw it away due to their fears and need to vote a winner rather than voting a competent leader. Citizens treat voting for those running for office the way their treat their clubs.

They always want to back a winner and are ready to vote parties that they say have structures rather than the candidates based on their competence.

In the end they forget that the real structures are the people and when the people decide on who they want and vote for them they will be the winners. The awareness of this power has remained dormant amongst citizens and the day it is awakened is the day that Nigeria will be freed and join the great Nation it was destined to be.

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