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What Are the Gains of Biomedical Research?

I am an undergraduate of a Nigerian university (names withheld) and my university is not one of those that collaborate on biomedical research. Can TIMESEARCH shed more light on the issue?

What does the initiators of this research, actually, want and what do they intend to gain from it?

Opeyemi Olaoluwa,
P.O. Box 4419,
Osun State.


Only six federal universities in Nigeria are promoting biomedical research through joint efforts.

An official of the National Universities Commission, (NUC), Abuja, who preferred anonymity, disclosed that the issue had been on since 2013 and that, according to the coordinator of the project, Professor Eugene Okpere, the focus was to make the six universities work, jointly, and ensure the rapid development of biomedical research in Nigerian universities, and boost their ranking.

He added that there was a NUC committee for the promotion of biomedical research in Nigeria.

The official added that “Because of this, you are able to identify a university or a professor in New York, doing the same kind of research as you, you can then link up and collaborate with him and move faster than you are able to do alone”.

However, the NUC would be involved in the project through capacity building, advisory role, seminars and regular sourcing for funds.

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