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We’re committed to a robust renewable energy sector, says REAN

Joy Obakeye

The Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN) has said the group is committed in its efforts in ensuring a robust renewable energy sector.

REAN is the umbrella body of Renewable energy companies in Nigeria.

Speaking with newsmen, Executive Secretary, REAN, Lande Abudu said the activity within the sector has increased its awareness.

She said, “We are unrelenting in our efforts to build a robust renewable energy sector and this comprises numerous activities such as spearheading efforts to ensure favourable, business-friendly policies for the sector and proper implementation of the same.

“Within a multi-stakeholder group including REAN members, renewable energy experts, public sector stakeholders and regulators, other associations, developers and more, we are engaging with the wider power sector to encourage sustainable growth for what is essentially an evolving sector.

“While this is very much a work-in-progress, we are making strides. Increased activity within the sector has increased the visibility and the conversation has reached a wider audience.

” With the increased awareness, comes an understanding of the need to put our collective efforts into ensuring that the sector works effectively, supports the players within it and that there is a good foundation for long term sustainability.

“Our common aim, we must not forget, is to give Nigerians access to clean, reliable and affordable access to power. These activities are meant to make it happen”, she stated.

Speaking further, she said the regulatory environment should encourage increased investment in the sector.

“The regulatory bodies have to be open to listening to the industry players.

“The Industry operators can operate optimally where regulation is fit for purpose but not so stringent as to stifle the very industry that they are trying to regulate.

“The regulatory environment should give comfort to those committed to working in the RE space, thereby encouraging their growth for the benefit of the Nigerian economy. Investor confidence will naturally follow, thereby increasing investment into the sector.

“Industry players on their part need to be disciplined and to run businesses with transparent processes. Quality Assurance in line with global best practices is the primary goal.

We cannot allow sub-standard goods to flood the country and we cannot compromise on robust standardisation within the industry. It’s a natural synergy. It must be a symbiotic relationship”, she said.