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What to wear to the gym: Fashion to motivate your work out

A gym can be a bit of a meat market, so it often doesn’t matter what you wear. gym wear is an essential part of you feeling comfortable and secure when working out.

As a woman ,finding the right outfit to the gym can be a balancing act. on one hand you want to be comfortable on the other hand you want to feel secure ,when coming to exercise at a gym ,some sort of athletic garb is most appropriate; Running shoes ,shorts and a t shirt ,is an ensemble that always works well and doesn’t attract too much attention or ridicule.

While the gym is obviously not a club or a fashion show, having the right clothe to work out in can help motivate you and feel more comfortable when you are burning up sweat. Gone are the days when women’s workout wear consisted of men’s castoffs.

Today, variety of designers offers gym wear that is comfortable and functional, yet still feminine and fashionable. Build up a wardrobe of clothes to wear to the gym so you are motivated to show off your new duds and your new shape. Below are the tips on how to dress for the gym:

• Supportive sport bra: Before you start purchasing tank tops, and yoga pants for your workouts, you should go to a lingerie store. Purchasing a well-fitting sport bra, can mean the the difference between a solid workout and a painful experience.


Visit a store where you can be professionally measured, for a sport bra, and try on a variety of bra styles, before you choose the one that’s right for you, and your particular fitness applications. Move around while trying on the bra, bending over, and jumping up, and down, to ensure that its stays in place.

• Selecting fitted tops: Look for tank tops, and slim fitting clothes, while in the past, oversized shirts, and sweats were the rule at the gym, the more modern gym calls for a better fitting tops.


In certain types of gym, such as a yoga studio, tighter clothes are requested, since its gives instructors a better idea of your posture, and form. Look for tank tops, and slim fitting clothes made from performance materials, that wick away sweat to help keep cool, and dry at the gym.

• Choosing the right bottoms: Yoga pants may be needed, choose your bottoms based upon the type of exercise you will be doing once you’re at the gym. Women have a wide variety of gym bottoms to choose from, including shorts for cycling classes, cropped leggings for yoga, and stretch pants for Pilates, and general exercise.

Look for good quality bottoms that don’t stretch out after a few wearing’s, and have an adjustable waist line, for a more personalized fit. Purchase a few different styles, and wear them to the gym.

• Proper footwear: Choose the right footwear for your preferred activities. Running shoes are generally not for aerobics classes, and cross trainers usually aren’t good for running. Another factor is the shape of your foot.

You may need extra support or paddling in the arches, depending on whether you have a high or low arch, or flat feet. Retails stores specializing in sporting goods, and athletics shoes may offer free gait analysis, which helps you select the correct shoe, for your choosing activity.

• Hair and makeup: It is understandable that when heading to the gym, you want to look attractive, and presentable, if you must wear makeup, choose sheer, light foundation, that won’t clog or pores.

Add a couple of coats of waterproof mascara, and then pull your hair out of your face. It’s an easy still allows you to look polished at the gym.

• HINTS and functional look that
For men
Whether you’re a lifelong workout beast or a newbie, these are best gym style tips for men.
• A stylish t-shirt: This t-shirt is the perfect intersection of function and tradition, combining modern technical materials with old school.

• A fitness tracker: Measuring your heart rate, and keeping track of calories burned is a lot easier when someone or something else is doing it for you, which is why some smart people invented the fit bit in the first place.

• Versatile shorts: some people might prefer ultra-light mesh shorts ,but to us ,the rugged nylon construction ,multiple pockets ,and subtle pattern on these Patagonia baggies are unmatched .and they are even better now that they come in a longer 7”version, which means you don’t have to fear showing too much leg when you’re doing squats.

• Merino wool workout socks: Merino wool is actually the perfect year round workout material. At its lightest, its soft and cool as cotton, while it naturally absorbs moisture, resists odor, and shields your feet from blisters.


• Technical shoes: Unless you’re hitting city streets or pounding the track, you don’t need a running shoe to work out. In fact a woven, technical basketball shoe will be lighter; more sophisticated, and provide superior support for lifting weight s and hitting the exercise bike. As a stylish bonus, the woven uppers came from Italy.

• A long sleeve t-shirt: Winter call for a little extra coverage sometimes. Go updated classic with this heather long sleeve t-shirt.

• Tailored track pants: Right now, tailored track pants are as important on men’s runways as in the weight room. Split the difference here with these slim colors blocked sweat from cult yoga brand.

• Good ear buds: Face it, you will listen to music on your phone when you work out, either for motivation or for simple privacy.

• An armband: you are going to need a place to put that phone too, and for hardcore workouts an armband is your best bet for sure, you might have to put in your pocket while you’re doing curls.

What you shouldn’t be found wearing for workouts
• All cotton t-shirts

• jeans ;not the most giving fabric

• Layered shirts.

• sport bras only: i.e. without tank tops or t- shirts over it

• Dress shirts

• sandals/flip-flops

• Barefoot

• Work boots

• Bandanas

• Baseball caps

• Googles.

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