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We will restore peace in Plateau State, Atiku promises

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has promised the people of Plateau State peace, stability and safety of lives and property under his watch as Nigeria’s president. Considering joblessness and indolence as one of the factors that aid youth restiveness, instability and crisis in the state, he assured the people of job provision, enhancement of businesses and entrepreneurship if voted into power. Speaking on Saturday in Jos to round off the North Central Presidential campaign rally of his party, Atiku said leaders of different ethnic components of the state will be involved in the process of finding lasting solution to incessant ethno- religious crisis on the Plateau. He said “Now my brothers and sisters of Plateau, I want to promise you if you elect PDP that we are going to work and restore peace and unity in Plateau state. “We will sit down with leaders of all the communities in Plateau State, with all the religious group in Plateau State and make sure that we restore peace and unity to Plateau State. So that Plateau State will continue to be known as the economic hub of in the Middle Belt”. To end poverty and miserable living, the former vice presidrnt said “a PDP government will ensure the provision of jobs, and those of you who cannot work we will give you businesses and entrepreneurship to run your own businesses”.. Atiku, therefore appealed to the teeming supporters to vote for PDP and to remain at their polling station and make sure they protect their vote, and witness result declararion in each polling unit. He said that is the only way to guide against stealing of votes, snatching of ballot boxes and falsification of results. ” The APC is not campaigning, the APC is not communicating with you, what they want to do is to steal the election and we will not allow them to steal the election. “Now let me appeal to you don’t allowed yourself to be deceived, vote PDP from top to bottom, from bottom to top. Vote PDP all the way”, he said. Also harping on the state insecurity, the Director General, PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation, Dr. Bukola Saraki said the APC promised restoration of peace to northern Nigeria during the 2015 electioneering campaign but has failed. He urged to them to give you the PDP a chance if restoring peace back to Plateau by voting Atiku as president and Senator Jeremiah Useni as the state governor. The senate president said ” in 2015 we came here at that time with the other party and they promised us APC that they will give us security, That time, the only area affected by insecurity was North East, we were peaceful here in the North Central, we were peaceful here in Plateau. But today, we do not have security here, they have failed to provide security and that is why we have to tell them to go. “They told us they will provide jobs for the youth, today instead of providing jobs we have loss 10 million jobs. Have they not failed? They said they would improve the economy and there will be food, but today there is hunger. Is there no hunger? ” So my good people of Plateau state if you want jobs, food and you want security there is only one man that can be all these for you, and that is Atiku”. The National Chairman of the party, Prince Uche Secondus said the APC administration has turn its instrument of intimidation on the judiciary. He said “30 days to election, Buhari and the APC want to destroy the judiciary after humiliation of the legislative arm of government”. PDP governorship candidate, Senator Jeremiah Useni urged the people of Plateau that the state initially belong to the PDP and that illustrious sons and daughyets of the state have had the opportunity of serving in previous PDP administration. Defectors from the APC and other parties were received at the rally. A serving member of the House of Representatives, Hon Edward Pwajok, who led the defectors said ” I stand here to say we have come back home. There is nowhere like home. We are excited to join hands with other members of PDP to elect Atiku Abubakar as president in the coming election and to back our own , Senator Jeremiah Useni as the next governor of the state”. Tunde Opalana, Abuja

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