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We must make deliberate efforts to tell Nigerian stories to the world-Expert

Communication professionals, governments and all stakeholders in brand Nigeria have been enjoined to make conscious, deliberate  and organised efforts to tell the many positive stories of  the country, if we truly desire to expand Nigeria’s  reputation index globally.

This call was made by top advertising mogul,  Lanre Adisa, CCO, Noah’s Ark Limited, in a keynote address he presented  at  a special  industry evening recently in Lagos

Speaking on the theme: ‘Advertising and the Power of the Nigerian Story’, Adisa noted with great discomfiture that outsiders have been telling the Nigerian story for too long.

This, he believes, communication professionals must be at the forefront in eradicating this ugly trend.

Adisa noted; “In a brand new world where digital disruption drives every aspect of our lives, life itself becomes too mechanized and regimented without the soothing balm of storytelling, otherwise known as content.

“Everyone has a story. Everyone tells their stories. Some have made an art of it and have spawned a whole new industry teeming with influencers, content creators of all sorts and a host of hitherto unimaginable vocations.”

“Nations tell stories. Sometimes they tell it themselves through what they do or what they say about themselves. Sometimes their stories are subsumed in the stories and heroics of their people. At other times, outsiders tell their stories, cobbled together from a myriad of odds and bits done by them or their people. The latter is never desirable. In that instance, you’re not in control of the input and therefore cannot determine the output.

“In today’s world, truly powerful nations have gone beyond jostling for control in the real world to extending their frontiers in outer space and now the next battle is the dominance of cyberspace in all its entirety.”

Picking his field, advertising – an area he believes has huge mind-power with both intended and subtle messages, as an example, Adisa feels every  piece must be seen as an opportunity to shape minds and make an impact for a particular era.

“When the full power of advertising is unleashed, it changes the fortune of brands for good. Its power is unbelievably transformative,” he stressed.

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