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We Are All Born Lepers


Lepers is really who we are as humans. Fashionable, intelligent, educated, wealthy and gregarious, the finest of being is characteristically a leper, in spiritual term, a sinner. So declared the word of God. The word of God is the only authentic source that defines our origin and tells of our beginning. This is true because life belongs to God alone. Nothing to do with the devil who is a mere perverter and a spoiler who comes to corrupt the beautiful purposes of God in the human life.


Man is primarily born and placed here on earth to make a choice. The choice to remain sinners as lepers or the choice to obtain the germ of eternal life through Christ Jesus. The later ensures our resurrection after death. Nature and the word of God informs us that man revolves in a cycle of life, death, burial and resurrection. Job in Job 14:1 – 22 inquired into this philosophy, he being a renowned and great philosopher in his day.


He asked the question as he probed, if a man dies, shall he live again? His discovery showed that if a tree (the vegetations) dies, there is hope that it buds back to life… but he realized that when man dies and gives up the ghost, he does not come back to life. Why? There is no resurrection power in a sinner that dies without Christ. Resurrection is not replacement. It is bringing back the same thing up that went down. We see this confirmed by nature in the rise and setting of the sun on daily basis. The sun comes up in the morning, a baby is born. At 9:00am it goes to school, it’s a teenager. Then at 12 O’clock it becomes fully matured. After 12noon, fifty years has passed, past half the mark, the sun starts going down. It gets weaker and older. Finally, the sun sets over the western horizon. It dies. The earth becomes cold, cools over the night like the cold hand of death and the graveyard.


Now, is that the end of the sun? No! The next morning, it rises again. That is resurrection, the same sun, not a replacement or a re-incarnation. Everyday, God and nature testifies of these cycles of life, death, burial and resurrection.


A leper (sinner) is typed by a hybrid seed, for example, the corn ,that has no germ of life in it that can germinate to life. That germ of life is the Holy Spirit. In essence, our utmost drive is to ensure that we are germitised by the release of the Spirit of God into our counterfeit human life. This ensures our resurrection after death. Romans 8:9 affirms that any person who does not receive the Spirit of God is not a part of God. Resurrection cannot take place because we are good people or because we are church members or because we are good neighbours that are fine, educated and smart people,only because resurrection power in the Holy Ghost is in us.


Leprosy is sin, lepers are sinners who are witches, wizards, idolaters, adulterers, drunkards, hypocrites, liars, deceivers, prostitutes, gamblers, homosexuals, cultist to name just a few. Galatians 5:19 – 21. Victims of the leprosy are out-racized as social outcast from the premise of the main civilization worldwide in secludes known as leper colonies. Lepers live among lepers.


This earth is a leper colony where sinners live among sinners, separated from the main civilization of the kingdom of God where the Holy God and his angels dwells. Although we are free born, man has been reduced to a spiritual misfit as a result of the human fall by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Luke 17:11 – 19, paints the horrid state of lepers in the story of the ten lepers. They saw Jesus Christ but could not come close to Him because of the stigma of being lepers. Instead, they stood afar off and cried “Have mercy on us”. Lepers suffer huge physical, psychological, social and spiritual embarrassment and scourge. Isolated from friends, family members because leprosy is contagious. Sin too is contagious. That was why Satan and his fallen angels were thrown out of heaven. They became lepers too, because iniquity was found in them.


As long as we remain sinners, we remain lepers and spiritually we will remain separated from God. We are born in sin, Psalm 51:5, God will not hold us responsible for being born sinners but we will be held responsible for turning down God’s sacrifice on the cross to rid us of sin. John 3:16 – 19 “he that believeth on Him is not condemned but he that believeth not is condemned already because, he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten son of God.




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