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War against Corruption: Several past leaders’ corrupt – Uwajeh

…Advices Govt. to intensify efforts
A private investigator, Evangelist Victor Uwajeh also former EFCC Consultant and Special Investigator to the Special Presidential Investigator Panel on Recovery of Public Properties has said that several Nigeria past leaders are corrupt advising the present administration to intensify more efforts the fight.

Uwaje in a press statement on Sunday said in the past few days, past leaders were claiming to be ‘Saints’ passing blames on each other pointing that former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the incumbent, President Muhammadu Buhari has been engrossed on issues bothering on mismanagement of power project funds.

He said the level of corruption in the power sector cannot be resolved on the pages of newspaper as the facts and participants are well known to us.

He said: “We have the names and companies that participated in the power sector, monies that were collected and projects that were not executed. We will release the names of the companies and owners soon.

Many judicial and administrative panels instituted over time have not helped matters because present and subsequent governments have usually ignored findings. This nonchalant attitude of government is not helping matters.

“It is a well-known fact that corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of Nigeria and past leaders should not exonerate themselves from when and under whom corruption started in the country/

The incessant narrative bothering on blackmail and disrespect for other arms of government especially the national assembly is becoming worrisome for every right- thinking patriot. The National assembly should be allowed and encouraged to carry out its constitutional role in a democratic set up.

“Corruption should be fought holistically and not to single out people like Senate President Bukola Saraki and opposition politicians for persecution. Harassment of perceived corrupt persons is not the same thing as fight against corruption.

I read with shock in several news media wherein Former Military Head of State General Yakubu Gowon (Rtd.), stated that corruption started after he was ousted from office in 1975.

It is worthy to note that soon after General Yakubu Gowon was ousted he purchased a property in the United Kingdom”.

According to the Investigator, “On 30th November 1976, YAKUBU GOWON and VICTORIA HANSATU GOWON purchased a property at 32 Broad gates Avenue, Hadley Wood, Herts. EN4 0NU. This property is a 7-bedroom detached mansion with 4 baths and 3 receptions with a current value of over £5 million.

“This property is a massive freehold property registered under UK land registry with Title Number: MX357472. The title documents show that there were no lenders when the property was purchased which means that it was a cash purchase on 30/11/1976”.

Uwaheh who opined that past Nigerian leaders should stop buck-passing blames and join the Government to fight corruption also said that, “It is important that this menace is addressed holistically instead of apportioning blame and every past leader claiming to be a saint.

“Nigeria is a great Nation but corruption has eaten deep into the fabrics of our nation. To be able to salvage our country, we need a vibrant and non-corrupt police force devoid of intimidation and corrupt tendencies.

We need a highly professional Police Force that has regards for rule of law and human rights. Several Government Agencies like Nigeria Ports Authority, NIMASA and NNPC are still operating foreign accounts outside the TSA without the knowledge of Government. We will expose the accounts if Government is ready to act.

“I am ready to assist the Nigerian Government to expose high-level corruption in the Nigeria Ports Authority, NIMASA, NNPC and several Government Agencies. Corruption should not be fought with kids’ gloves as it is a great threat to our national security.

The Federal Government should shut down Assets Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) as it has not achieved its objective of setting it up in the past 10 years.

AMCON has not been able to recover shareholders funds for failed banks nor has it been able to manage investments it took over. Companies are suffering under receiverships managed by AMCON.

AMCON cannot boast of one business it resuscitated under its management. AERO contractor has not made any progress since its take-over by AMCON rather it has faced more financial crises.

“Every man and woman in uniform should be proud of their uniform and shun corruption. Corruption has crippled Nigeria. Several African countries have overtaken Nigeria. Countries like Rwanda, Ghana and Tanzania have overtaken Nigeria.

Most of these countries operate National carrier airlines with pride. Rwanda a nation that came out of serious crises few years ago has one of the best and fastest growing airlines in the world.

He advised that Government must intensify the fight against corruption in Nigeria saying, “Corruption should be fought irrespective of political affiliation, religion, creed and position in the society. All looted funds in foreign banks and assets must be traced and repatriated.

“Most Nigerians have so much money that they have no need of in foreign and offshore accounts in millions and billions of dollars all over the world. These monies will help Nigeria in infrastructural development if returned.

Government agencies should be impartial, independent, fair and unbiased and should not be used for witch hunting and settling political scores and should be devoid of intimidation”, he noted.

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