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We're Vindicated over Fayose's Phantom Job Panel, Says Apc

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State has said that it has been vindicated over its earlier warning that Governor Ayo Fayose’s announcement of an appointment committee to appoint Ekiti people to vacant positions in the civil service as well as political appointments is a ruse to draw support of the unsuspecting public to support his candidates in the general elections.

Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatubosun, said in a statement that the last minute cancellation of the inauguration of the panel for the second time was a manifestation of deceit upon which the plan was founded from the outset.

The APC said “We warned Ekiti people the day he made the announcement that it was a ploy to deceive Ekiti people to draw them to the polls for votes and that after the election, nobody would hear anything about any appointment and recruitment again.

“We also hinted ‎that Fayose would announce mainly the sidelined members of PDP into the committee to give them a false sense of belonging. And true to our prediction, the governor announced aggrieved members of PDP who he had virtually chased away from the party into the committee. To ensure strict compliance with the deceit and fraud on the people as planned, he changed the inauguration of the panel to Tuesday April 21, yet we warned Ekiti people not to be deceived, saying Fayose was playing upon their intelligence,” Olatubosun explained.

He added: “Just as members of the panel were expecting their inauguration yesterday, Ekiti people were shocked again when the governor suddenly announced indefinite postponement of the inauguration of the panel.” ‎

The spokesman of the Party expressed surprise that up till now, Ekiti people still found it difficult to understand the kind of governor they have.

“It is shocking that Ekitii people still find it difficult to understand that it is only Local Government Service Commission, Teaching Service Commission and State Civil Service Commission that are the agencies responsible for appointments into civil service‎ while political appointments are at the pleasure of the governor. We warned that Fayose was deceiving them. Now, they have known the truth,” Olatubosun said.

He said the governor had no plan for any appointment, noting that all he had done so far was to play on the intelligence of the people to have their votes and later discard them.

“What did the governor do with the application for employment letters he asked Ekiti youths to write during his campaign promising them immediate jobs after his victory? Go to Spotless Hotel today and you will discover that all the letters have been burnt.

“He harassed civil servants to vote Jonathan or lose their jobs. Several voted against their conscience to keep their jobs. He immediately went to town to deceive people that vacancies would be created through the sack of those to be affected. Now our people can begin to understand that Fayose can never change from a fraudulent way of doing things. Once again, Ekiti people have been conned. It is a sign of what to expect as the hallmark of Fayose’s style of governance,” Olatubosun added

But Governor Ayo Fayose in a statement personally signed by him said”this is an internal arrangement within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and does not in a anyway concern the APC” saying APC should mind their own business.



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