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VIDEO: 80-year-old Man mistakenly proposes to one of His 100 children

80-year-old Kofi Asilenu, a farmer from Amankrom village in Accra, is a proud husband to 12 wives and father to 100 children. His family makes up a third of the 600 people in his village in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Despite his age, he is still on a mission to make more babies, a reason which he claims would earn him a befitting burial when he dies.

Marking his contribution to the community, the proud father of 100 told BBC in a recent interview, that he wanted a big family because he did not have siblings.
‘I don?t have any brother or uncle, that?s why I decided to have many children so that they can give me a befitting burial when I die. In my home town if you give birth to one child they will say you are impotent so I want to have many children.’

According to him, he was well off financially, but his resources have mostly been drained due to the cost of raising such a large brood. Although, he now gets financial help from his children.

At 80, Kofi who’s struggling to remember the names of his children says he’s still physically strong and willing to have more children despite having mistakenly proposed to one of his daughters three years ago.

The embarrassing incident, according to him forced him to apologise to her and blaming it on his eye condition that he couldn’t recognize her.

His first wife, Nayome Asilenu who also had a chat with BBC, said they are all happy in the polygamous union with their husband.

When I married my husband and he decided to marry more women, I didn?t have any option. He?s able to take care of us, pay the children?s school fees. They are healthy and strong so there?s nothing wrong with that.”

However, some of his children have lost their position in the family as most of them can’t remember anymore.

Watch the video of the children being paraded by the man below…

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