Uzodinma, Police alerted three times before Imo attacks - DSS Ex-director

Uzodinma, Police alerted three times before Imo attacks – DSS Ex-director


Dennis Amachree, a former Assistant Director with the Department of State Services, claims the secret police warned the Nigerian Police Force and Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, at least three times before the state’s attacks on Monday.

However, Amachree stated that the police and the governor, who is also the state’s chief security officer, failed to act on the DSS’s intelligence.

The former DSS official appeared on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily program on Thursday, which was watched by The PUNCH.

“There was enough information, enough actionable intelligence,” the ex-DSS chief said on the television show. Actionable in the sense that it provides time for people to put it into action; one week before the event, 72 hours before the event, and finally 48 hours before the event.

“So, three times, the Nigeria Police Force was informed by the DSS that this is going to happen because some suspects that are being geolocated around the area were found surveilling the prisons and the police headquarters but you know in our lackadaisical way, when the intelligence came, they threw it by the side and when something happens, everybody runs around.”

Amachree stressed that the Imo State governor was aware that the prison and the police headquarters was about to be targeted.

“All security reports are shared with the governor in a state first, then, it is shared with other sister agencies like the police, the military, if there is military installations there, all of them got this particular report. So, the governor is very much aware,” he said.

“Apparently nothing was done,” the ex-DSS director said (to forestall the attacks). As you can see, the governor was referring to that specific article, which stated that IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) was not involved.

“Some people are simply too lazy to do their jobs,” Amachree lamented.

He also disputed allegations made by Mohammed Adamu, the then-Inspector General of Police, that IPOB members were behind the attacks.

“He (Adamu) doesn’t have his fact right because I don’t see how he can identify them. You identify people by either arresting some of them or from what they say but there was no person that was arrested,” the ex-DSS director said, adding that the DSS was investigating the attacks and would identify who the attackers were.

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