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Use technology to tackle waste challenges, environmentalist advises FG


 An environmentalist, Ms Gloria Bulus, has told the Federal Government to make use of evolving technologies in recycling to tackle waste management challenges.


Bulus, founder of a body known as Bridge-that Gap Initiative, made the call in an interview on Tuesday in Lagos.

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She said it was important for Nigeria to tap into the benefits of recycling to exploit the huge resources in the waste sector.

Bulus said that effective use of recycling technology would not only ensure proper waste management but also create jobs and wealth for the masses.

“We can engage the 3 Rs -Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – to effectively manage waste in Nigeria.

“With recycling, you will not just have a clean, safe and healthy environment, you can also create wealth out of waste.

“It is the most sustainable way to guarantee effective waste management,’’

The environmentalist noted that keeping the environment safe and clean would not end by proclaiming sanitation exercises.

“What happens to the wastes collected after cleanup exercises? They still end up in the wrong places such as water bodies which include, oceans, seas, canals and drains.

“Recycling can be enhanced through the use of new and modern creative ideas. We need to be more innovative to manage waste effectively.”

She called for procurement of modern equipment, imbibing of healthy environmental culture and building of partnerships to ensure proper management of wastes.

“As a nation, we need to encourage smart technologies and green solutions to safe Nigeria from its growing waste profile,” she said.


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