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Use Iphone Parental Controls To Cut Down Your Kids’ Addiction To Ipad!

Time has changed. For now, kids’ favourite toys are iPads and other tech gadgets that they use with great ease. They can watch movies and YouTube, play video games and learn a lot of things from the internet.

As soon as they reach their pre-teens, they wish to get an iPhone too. Well, there is a lot they can do with one device and they get everything sitting at home. These things are pretty addictive. We love them too!

But that is the thing that they are addictive. Hundreds and thousands of videos, mobile applications, shows, and games are available on iTunes.

They always have another new thing to try, a level to finish and the forever updating social media. The addiction, however, is not good for them. It affects their eyes, body, and brain and is also a big reason for depression.

So, while they should operate and enjoy digital media, they should also get a break from it so that they live a balanced life.

Here are two ways you and an efficient tool i.e. iPhone parental control app that can help you cut down their iPhone or iPad use and keep it healthy:

1. Play games with them
Board games, card games, dancing around the house, or even playing in the backyard just engage them in physical activity. Invite their friends over or just play as a family, make it a routine to spend some time with them daily without any digital devices around.

Not just they but you also get the much-needed exercise and it is fun too. It also helps to distress and when they use their energy, they get tired and sleep good as well.

2. Take them out
Take them out for a walk, a run around the block or to the local park. If you can plan a weekend getaway or explore the woods or hike every once in a while, that is even better.

In addition to the device-free time, it also constitutes for a lot of family time, which we all need in this busy life. Studies show that outdoor activity helps with good memory and an active mind.

Use iPhone Parental Control
Get hold of iPhone parental controls rendered by app such as FamilyTime. It helps you manage their digital time efficiently. The best part is that you don’t have to take their devices away and deal with tantrums.

All you do is lock their phones and iPads for some time. You can use the built-in locks for dinner time, homework time and bedtime or customize them according to your will.

It allows them to concentrate better and keep addiction away. You can also temporarily lock the mobile apps. This way they can still use their devices but the distractive apps get out of the way.

All these tips work well, try them and you’ll know. Use all of them in combination and according to your kids’ mood. If you make them a part of your daily routine, they learn their importance and don’t get used to extreme device use in the first place.

However, if you are late to the party you can still handle this. Do fun activities with them, go out and schedule with the iPhone parental controls of FamilyTime and make their digital time, healthy!

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