Up close with Commissioner DJ Wysei, heading to the zenith of her career

Up close with Commissioner DJ Wysei

Up close with Commissioner DJ Wysei

As a young and multitalented disc jockey, what makes Commissioner DJ Wysei spectacular is that she isn’t confined to a particular type of music, her style of play has been labeled by numerous as “magnanimous” because of her ability of getting a wide range of music in one playlist.

She has also effectively made an exceptional and special brand for herself by carving a niche in the way she drums during performances.

Recently featured on Soundcity Africa Virtual Concert, Amazon in the Mix, her superlative performance further cemented her place among female DJs contending for the top spot on the continent.

For those who have been following her career since she burst onto the DJ scene, there was hardly a surprise at her exploits.

While Iwuagwu has a Bachelor degree in Information Technology from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), she makes no bone about the fact that being a DJ is the career she desires since she set out on that course in 2015.

“I developed the passion for music during my secondary school years and it was sustained through my university days,” she said.

With her proven ability, NOUN did not hesitate to engage her in 2016 to become the in-house DJ for the institution’s radio.

Since then, her career has been on an upward swing as she clinched awards in quick succession, including 2016 Gbedu Awards Best Female DJ in Nigeria and Best Female DJ, Eastern Part of Nigeria in the 2017 Biggy’s Awards for Entertainment.

By 2018, she was already gaining global attention when she was listed on CNN and BBC’s top five female disc jockeys in Africa making waves in their countries and beyond.

Her popularity was further boosted when on December 31, 2018, when she was announced the official DJ for Globe Broadcasting and Communication, the parent company of Wazobia FM 95.1, Lagos.

Despite the constraint on the entertainment industry globally due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Commissioner DJ Wysei has been having a good run, so far. Her accolades include being selected by Maggi Nigeria to represent Nigerian DJs on International Women’s Day.

She has also featured on BBC Igbo as one of the most talented, unique and drummer DJ in Africa just as she has posted a sequel appearance on CNN.

On February 2020, she graced the pages of Malimbe, the glossy in-flight magazine for Arik Air, Aero, Dana Air and Bristow.

Her recently released 100-minute mixtape on May 2, is a further attestation that her achievements were no fluke.

For the high-flying female DJ, there is hardly any secret to her continuing rise on the disc jockey stratosphere.

“I make sure I play what is accessible to everyone. I make sure whatever I release is good enough, and it doesn’t matter where I am performing, events, marriage, it doesn’t matter, what is important to me is that I keep putting in my best out there,” she says.

Determined to lead an exemplary life for young female entertainers out there, the Imo State born says, “I intend to inspire lots of other ladies out there with my journey so far, as well as my creativity.

In my journey so far, I make sure that what I play is really accessible to everyone. Because people are looking, I know for a fact. So, I make sure whatever I release is good enough or nothing at all.

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Events, marriage, it doesn’t matter – I keep putting in my best out there. Sometimes, my fans get so emotional about my performance that they attempt to make physical contacts or ask for one in the heat of the moment.

These are some of the things you just have to deal with.”
Asked to advice young artists, Commissioner DJ Wysei resounds the importance of hardwork.

“It’s all hard work rather than physical appearance. My desire is to inspire as many as possible with my craft! I’ll also want to advice other fast rising female DJs about the truth which is; there is no easy path or shortcut to success.

You have to keep working harder everyday to be at the top of your game. Keep believing.”

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