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By: Isaac Oguntoye

Though not every man of god wishes for any calamity, but when a man of God speaks it pertinent for one to listen. Apostle Sediq Moses who is widely known as Moses of our time is another dynamic spiritual filled pastor to look out for.

Pastor Sediq have no doubt joined the league of prominent who predict and earn the general public against any form of calamity of disaster.

One of his prophesies was when he predicted and warned against the disaster that happened on Thursday, 28th of June, 2018 on Friday, 6th, April, 2018. Before then, he predicted the death of Ras Kimono far back in May, 27th, 2018 and the prophecy came to pass in June 10th.

The amiable man of God and the general overseer Christ Holy Mountain Liasu Road , Ikotun, Lagos also predicted the victory of Nigeria incumbent president far back in 2013, where he said a certain man from Northern part of the country in “Agbada” regalia would rule the country and unseat the ruling party, this came to pass in May, 2015 as Muhammadu Buhari emerged the President of the country beating the then President Goodluck Jonathan.

He however warned that a lot of disaster still lying ahead if proper things are not done “God is aware of what is happening in Nigeria and until the right thing is done, Nigeria may still encounter more calamity. God told me to tell all the churches to come together and do one crusade in one place, and I remember I said July which is this month’ concluded apostle mosses who was born a Muslim to Islamic chief imam

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