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With Unity Nigeria Will Become a Great Nation – Prophet Sam Ojo

By: Isaac Oguntoye

Prophet Sam Ojo popularly known as Omoloju Jesu, the general overseer of Freedom Foundation Apostolic Revival International Ministry, and the founder of Mountain of Glory (Ori Oke Ogo), has called on Nigerians to embrace unity to conquer the incessant crisis of killing that has been claiming lives within the country for sometimes now. He made this clarion call penultimate Tuesday when he announced his church activities for this year anniversary cum convention.

According to Prophet Sam, what is happening within the country is beyond Muslim killing Christian “I think we’re not been fair if we personalised the killing in Nigeria. Those who were killed are not Christians alone. There are Muslims among them too. So, the attack over Nigeria needs the intervention of God. It is not only Nigeria that is experiencing this crisis, other countries are also experiencing the same menace. We don’t have to personalised the killing because if we do, we’re creating another avenue to break this country. If we talk about love, a Muslim should be able to rescue a Christian brother from danger. Even in the bible, Jesus Christ died for everybody not for Christian alone. So, what we suppose to be after is how to stop the killing not blaming one religion or the other.

Buttressing his point, he said “I personally heard from God that, what is happening in Nigeria is demonic. It is a satanic attack. If you check, Nigeria is among the most religious countries in the world that belief so much in prayer. And what I see about this is that, the more you attack Satan with prayer, the more he retaliate. If you analyse what is happening, Satan is causing lots of division. For instance, if you want to destroy an organization the major thing to use is disunity.

When they don’t have the same voice, you can penetrate. So, here in Nigeria, Satan is causing disunity amidst us. Muslims are doing their own and Christians are also on their lane. In fact, there are factions in the Christiandom. There is no unity.  Instead of us to come together and pray in one voice and ask God for divine intervention we’re busy apportioning blame. When this happen in Israel, they pray to God and God gave them solution. So, the only solution to Nigeria problem is prayer and we need to be United.” The man of God revealed.

Meanwhile, the convention that will take place at the Mountain of Glory (Ori Oke Ogo) will start from 6th to 12th of August 2018 while people are expected from all over the world to be part of the convention that is tagged;  “Rebuilding Destiney”

During the program, the prophet revealed plan to bless 40 old women within the age of 60year old who cannot boast of a house with 40plot of land around Shagamu.
In case you dont know, the Ibadan born philanthropist prophet last December empowered three people with money to start business. He has been able to sponsor Over 100 graduate through his initiatives.

Some of the notable artiste expected to be there includes; Date Melody, Atorise, Remilekun Amos, Adele and other notable gospel singer

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