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The uncommon blatant truth: You reap what you sow

Just less than half a year for the next general elections, Nigeria is now hotter than any hot water you can think of. No other news can be heard or read now in Nigeria, but only politics. Does it mean that the leadership in Nigeria is no longer four years?

Because, after three years of complicated cum contaminated leadership, our ‘’politishines’’ are not talking about dividends of democracy again, or what they will do for the masses, they are busy running around, looking for the political party that will help them go back to their political seats. Is that place their birth right?

The truth is that apart from a very insignificant few of them that joined from former ACN and CPC, all these defectors are the members of the old PDP.

Whether you are seeing them now as APC or ADC or PDP, etc., most of them are members of the old PDP. Therefore, they are all there for their own personal and selfish interests.

Instead of practicing democracy, they either practice ‘’democrazy’’ or ‘’familiocracy’’. They are ‘politishines’, not politicians, they play ‘politricks’, not politics.

To be candid, Nigerians by this time ought to be absolutely aware of the incessant exhibition of political jiggery pokery cum abracadabra by these our leaders.

They know where they meet, when to meet, how to meet, etc, and we can never be there when they do so. Imagine one of the topmost principal officers of the National Assembly going back to the PDP he dumped three and half years ago.

What did he keep there that he wants to take now? Imagine a National Chairman of a political party telling the foremost principal officer to step down or resign.

Is it not the same national chairman that was a labour leader, used it to make names but could not make one of the states in the South-South or a popular city among the captivating states or cities, when he was the state governor.

Please and please, all these people are the same. No single difference, not even one of them is better. All they are doing now is, having more strategies and avenues of achieving their overzealous quest for more power and wealth.

They are not there for the masses, not for their states, not for their constituencies, not even for their local governments.

Some of them will give you Keke Napep (tricycle) before the election. When they win, they will ban the use of Keke Napep.

As they are giving you whatever now with their right hand, they are collecting it immediately they win, with their left hand. Their wives, children, siblings, boys and mostly loyalists, are equally in power now.

Sometimes, you will see one of them jostling for a ticket with their in-laws or relatives. Just few days ago, two siblings from the same parents in Kastina State, were politically fighting to win the Senatorial seat while the younger one defeated his elder brother; you can name others.

The uncommon blatant truth is that Nigerians are tired of all these games. Do we call it game or movie? You people can continue to fight yourselves there, do not involve the masses.

After all, your children are abroad enjoying life, electricity, good education, among others while the masses in the country are suffering. You will reap what you sow.

How can the PDP come now and be talking about vote buying? How can they talk about rigging? Who started vote buying in Nigeria? Who started rigging in Nigeria? Is it not the PDP?

When the members of the PDP were adding numbers in the final results to ensure they win, did they consider the outcome? There is an adage that says, ”When an Ewe (female goat) is eating, the kid (child) watches, learn, to practice later.

Those doing vote buying now are the same people that bought the votes eight years ago and four years ago in the PDP. You cannot sow corn and expect to harvest pear.

The PDP laid the foundation of what it is now accusing the APC of doing. Why are the members of the PDP complaining now? We, Nigerians are no more interested in your fake, fabricated and ironical stories as members of the PDP and the APC are all the same people.

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