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Ukwa, Ngwa monarchs re-affirm Ikpeazu’s endorsement

The chairman, Ukwa Ngwa Traditional Rulers Council, Eze Nwabiaraije Enogwe has reaffirmed that the 9 Local Government Areas of Ukwa Ngwa extraction unanimously endorsed Governor Okezie Ikpeazu for a second term in office.

The royal father however said that it was because of his sterling performance in less than three years in office, maintaining that their resolve that no other Ukwa Ngwa person should contest the governorship position in 2019 remains binding.

Speaking at his palace at Abayi, Obingwa LGA when title holders from Ukwa Ngwa called on him following the endorsement of the Governor by Ukwa Ngwa people last Friday, one of the foremost traditional ruler in Ngwa land said the declaration by the Ukwa Ngwa people that Dr Ikpeazu remains their consensus candidate in 2019 is not negotiable.

“‘He is our son, a bonafide son of Ngwa land. His father and mother are from Ngwa. He therefore merits our endorsement. Besides he has performed meritoriously in all facets of governance despite distractions’’, he said.

He said that apart from doing extremely well in less than three years in office despite distractions, equity demands that Dr Ikpeazu should complete his two tenures as Governor just like his predecessors from Abia North and Abia central did.

‘’ The other Governors before him from Abia North and Abia central completed their two tenures.Will it now get to the turn of Ikpeazu and change?. Is his own case different?’’, he asked.

He continued,” We know some politicians may kick against the collective decision of the enlarged Ukwa Ngwa people but the resolution of the people taken at Okpuala Ngwa, the ancestral headquarters of the Ukwa Ngwa people remains sacrosanct”.

Also speaking against the backdrop of a communique from a group that called itself concerned Ukwa Ngwa indigenes to the effect that a few individuals gathered in the name of Ukwa Ngwa people and purportrdly endorsed Ikpeazu as the sole Governorship candidate of Ukwa Ngwa people in 2019,

The chairman, Supreme Council of Ukwa Ngwa youths, Bright Chinedu Ikokwu said having done well in office as Governor, there is nothing wrong with his people adopting and endorsing him for a second term.

“He is our son and he is our brother and there’s nothing wrong in our adopting him. We have three zones. This is the first time an Abia South man is becoming Governor. And for equity sake that was why all these men came out.

“Somebody like Eze Enweremadu should not be toyed with. You don’t see him often. For such a big masquerade to come out that means he has sat down and cross examined and said this man is worth it.

“So I don’t know who is out there saying they are not part of what happened last Friday”.

He further asserted, ‘We are not offended at people having their choices but what we are saying is don’t you think the opinion of the Ukwa Ngwa people supersedes your personal interest? If any body thinks that what happened last Friday was a caricature, that person should go and sit back and think again’’.

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