UK party calls on Britain to leave EU

‘Britain Must Leave European Union, Commonwealth Citizens Don’t Cast your Vote for Britain in EU’\

*The secret plot of EU agenda and hunt for Judaism exposed

*Aim of European Union Treaty is a criminal act to enact superiority to claim British Kingdom

*The European Union Treaty a threat to the world

Days to the local election in the United Kingdom (UK) scheduled for Thursday, May 5, 2016, a British political party, The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP), headed by fiery Prof. Alexia Thomas, has urged the European country to leave the European Union.

She also called on Commonwealth citizens not to vote for Britain remaining in the association.

Prof. Thomas in an exposition she issued to journalists in London, alleged that the aim of European Union Treaty is Criminal Act aiming to enact superiority to claim British Kingdom. Her statement read in parts: “EU Treaty is the spirit of the Hitler and Nazis transferred in men nurtured to finish the failed struggle of their cruel ambitions to rule the World at the expense of killing the Jews the sons of God whom they felt the race were not pure enough to live in the face of the earth.”

“The EU Treaty is powered by the criminal mastermind as revenge from his children whose main adopted nationality is Germany since that is the second home owned to them by their mother. The quest to revenge the denials of their father the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is powered by their quest to destroy the British Empire.”

In the article, Prof. Thomas gave insights into how Commonwealth countries are used as sacrificial lambs and prey for sacrification in what she called second apocalypse of Judaism. Her words: “The faith of the Jews massacred by the Nazis is beginning to unfold for the citizens from Commonwealth nations, as gradually are being haunted for their vulnerability, charged for offences not committed by them, sentenced to prison for an unjust penalty, killed silently for the offences of the children of anomalies, made to work tirelessly, made to work with no hope of ever claiming their benefits, made redundant in a country they only visited as labourers as with no option of passport or a pass issued to them, they have no hope of ever seeing their beloved country.”

“More prisons have been planned and constructed, as the current ones that houses the Commonwealth citizens captive are full. The children of Commonwealth nations are rusting in the prisons and various detention centres awaiting their faith for the sacred of Judaism while most are there for more than two years.

The British Government are too busy to understand the propaganda and allegation of the false information set up to keep Commonwealth citizens captives in prisons and detention centres for no offence or wrong doing, they have done to deserve such a horrible fate,” she said.

Prof. Thomas, who is also a Chieftain Commonwealth Treaty Alliance Commission, unveiled the truth that the animosity and fierce rivalry amongst the Royal descendants of UK Monarchy and exiled descendants of the late Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha settled in Germany and other countries of the EU will see the Commonwealth Nations destroyed. In that revenge of the Duke is to destroy the Commonwealth Nations which automatically end the Sovereignty of the UK and Her Monarchy.

Professor Thomas explained: “In this coming UK election, Britain Must Leave European Union or else they must be ready to kill Her Monarchy and destroy The Commonwealth. Commonwealth Citizens are advised not to vote Britain in EU.”

In a-20 pages article report titled ‘The Secret Plot of EU Agenda and the Hunt for Judaism’, her educative messages have brought huge enlightenment to Members of the Commonwealth Nations in her Mythological teaching, she states “Judaism Theory is the demolition of Commonwealth Nations through the Power of the Occultic Unions of the EU Treaty.”

Regarding the first apocalypse of Judaism, she saidEU Treaty is the spirit of the Hitler and Nazis transferred in Men nurtured to finish the failed struggle of their cruel ambitions to rule the World at the expense of killing the Jews the Sons of God whom they felt the race were not pure enough to live in the Face of the Earth.

She dug deep into the springing well of divinity by explaining the intricacies surrounding the Second Apocalypse of Judaism, “The plan that led to Second World War to invade Britain by Nazis to rule the World is not yet over. The tears of the grandson of Queen Victoria, Prince Charles Edward of the United Kingdom, Duke of Albany (Leopold Charles Edward George) Duke of Saxe-Coburg And Gotha from 19th July 1884 – 28th March 1954 sent to Germany by Queen Victoria to Rule her empire and whose empire was later rejected and demolished by the revolution of Germans also he was denied his birth right by the ruling Monarch in Britain because his Cousins felt, his act as traitor within the First World War was not justified.

She talks about affirmation of Judaism sacred by saying “To prove preparation to destroy the future of the Commonwealth Countries Citizens is unfolding; The British Government has been made the scapegoat. They have been set up by the EU cult to use their hands to ruin their clones amidst the ‘Whom’ and the ‘Whose’ of the Commonwealth countries.

This Human Rights Advocate listed various phases in which the layers of sacred of Judaism are mapped out. She analysed the methodology as: “Those with no papers are returned to their countries, those with papers are not allowed to renew their visas, those with residence status, their papers are revoked, the plot for mass deportation, the plot to set up bigger camps to house them, the plot to kill them silently if they show resistance and the plot to wipe out all their generations.

Prof Thomas named other ‘Current Prisons for Judaism Sacred’ to include: “Dover Removal Centre, Collinbrook Removal Centre, Oakington Removal Centre; Hamasworth Removal Centre, Dungavel Removal Centre, Masefield Removal Centre, Lindholam Removal Centre, Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre, Haslar Removal Centre Tinsley House Removal Centre and . Her Majesty Prisons.” Just as the names are illustrated, it is obvious proof that all Detention Centers in UK are named in German dialect, simply means the Germans are at War with the Nations of the Commonwealth with intentions to destroy their citizens for that reason they build concentration centers in UK.

On how dreadful the reality of Judaism is, she further explained the process as “To demolish Commonwealth Nations by virtue of their vulnerability as a continent less powerful, to displace them through means of mass deportation and to revoke their Right to enjoy the immunity promised them by the British Government prior to their Independent.”

She gave three definitions on the ‘Deceit of Judaism’ which she described, First Definition: “A premeditated attempt by the Union of EU to get the British in alliance to build structures that will accommodate their children within the territory of the British Kingdom.

Second Definition: “The distraction of Great Britain made incapacitated of their vision for themselves and their great nation.

Third Definition: “A decoy to lure Great Britain to work tirelessly to generate funds for the Union of EU at the expenses of feeding their children of anomalies who are bastards and traitors to the British Empire.”

Prof. Thomas revealed that British Kingdom has been making unending profits through royalties for successfully bringing civilization and developments to the nations of Commonwealth. Her words: “The deceit of Judaism has made the Chinese Government penetrate the Commonwealth nations to rob the treasures owed to the British Government because current British Government has lost their political mythology.”

“The Chinese Government are committing an act of robbery by breaking into the territory of the Commonwealth countries. The Chinese Government are the vultures feeding on the carcass (left over) belonging to the British Kingdom. Due to the deceit of Judaism, the British Government is too busy to know their treasure in Commonwealth Nations are being robbed and looted by the Chinese Government who are also questing for power to make their own Kingdom the greatest Nation that will intimidate the World.

The decoy of trap detailed how EU used trade as a bait to deceive Britain. She states that “The decoy of trap used by the Union of EU to deceive Britain Is Trade. The decoy of trap used by the Chinese Government to deceive Commonwealth Nations is trade by investment, in pretense the Chinese Government traded their money to buy spaces and structures within the Commonwealth Nations to enable them extract their minerals, their Resources, their Gold, their Diamond and their Wealth.”

Prof Thomas’s statement also exposed the relationship that exist between EU and Chinese Government. According to her, “The EU are busy occupying the agenda of Great Britain, so also the Chinese Government are busy occupying the agenda of Commonwealth Nations. What do both the EU and the Chinese Government intend to achieve by plotting Great Britain and Commonwealth Nations? The God of Men should watch out as the Dragon of Hell is being controlled in the body of man to destroy the World.”

Prof. Thomas has predicted that in ‘The Apocalypse of Judaism’, the EU in the formation of 28 countries fused in a tyrannical mission with main sole purpose to rule the World by ‘Force’ or by ‘Death’.

She also alleged that the EU plots the eradication and the displacement of citizens of Commonwealth by means of mass deportation. “The EU’s quest is to remove Citizens of Commonwealth from all European Countries thereby making the British Kingdom infiltrated with the Children of Anomalies who are trained to be a Sons of Adoption by Birth or Migration. The EU motives are to wage ‘War’ against a Nation in a rebirth to achieve the goals of their forefathers to topple the British Monarchy. The EU rebellion is to bring down the British Monarchy, giving them the chance of motivation to claim the land that belongs to the God of Men.”

“If they fail the target of their evil plot, which is inevitable, the consequences is they have nothing to lose. They will persistently aim their target at destroying Great Britain by virtue imagination of their propaganda to fume war. You cannot avert their plot because they live amidst the God of Men through their different colours of rainbow, decoyed like chameleons, shaded in different colours, for they see you and you cannot see them and when they plot they succeed before you can put a fight back.

Under ‘The Plague of Revenge’, Prof Thomas noted that “The Adoption of Children of anomalies through the EU Treaty is a threat to Great Britain, as the spirit of the fathers of the children of anomalies is to persistently quest for the failure of their defeat through Revenge.”

“The Birth of the EU is formed on the foundation of Hitler and Nazis failed premeditated plot to Rule the World, the foundation of a molten boiling Tyrant, a Criminal Mastermind plotted to make The EU a World Power. The EU feared that the United Sates of America might be the next most powerful Nation while Objectives of the EU are hidden and mastermind as a Secret to aid their uprising Agenda.”

“If Great Britain is wise enough they should refuse the EU Treaty and all countries should lead themselves with their own goals and objectives to suit their citizens according to their culture and heritage. EU referendum should be abolished and a referendum of Friendship For Neighbouring Territory (FFNT) be consented to and not EU Treaty.”

Prof Thomas gave deep insights to inner-working of ‘EU Uprise Plot’ when she explained that “United Kingdom is the only Country in the World with a strong monarch. All EU countries have no monarch and if they do, their monarchs are neither strong nor active compared to the Great monarch in Britain.”

As the ‘Royal Mother of The Commonwealth’, she assured Commonwealth citizens Home and Abroad of being aware of various injustices done to them by lamenting that: “All Commonwealth countries citizens living both Home and Abroad and in any of the Fifty-Four (54) Countries of the Commonwealth, despite the injustice you may have being suffering, we are aware of; Those who have been Abused, Those who have been Marginalized, Those who are Captives, Those Who Are Imprisoned, Those Whose Human Rights and Civil Liberties have been Abused.

“We tell you today not to cry anymore, not to worry anymore, not to be in pain anymore, not to fear anymore, but to be strong.”


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