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UBA reverses self on ATM card restriction

In response to reactions towards its restricting customers from using their ATM cards for several transactions, the United Bank of Africa (UBA) appears to have reversed itself. In an email sent by Chukwuma Nweke the bank’s Executive Director, Group COO, the bank apologised for the restriction and said customers could freely use their cards on any platform.

The bank will however continue to monitor high risk websites to prevent unauthorised access to customer funds.

“We have listened to you and have heard that this is not in line with your expectations. We have immediately made adjustments accordingly. Please be informed that all sites have been unblocked and you can now transact on any platform globally that you would like to whilst we continue to provide surveillance on some high risk activity points to protect your transactions. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will continue to work hard to serve you better.”

Earlier this week, UBA had issued a notice restricting customers from using their debit card to transact in certain products including jewellery, escort services and betting.

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