Tyson Fury confirms Anthony Joshua bout date

According to Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury’s summer fight with him will take place “in July.”

The Gypsy King was interacting with Mexican boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez, who is assisting in the promotion of the ‘Tribute to the Kings’ pay-per-view event in June.

Chavez, 58, asked Fury, 32, if he was ‘getting ready for a war.’

And Fury replied truthfully, “Yes, in July.”

The Gypsy King vs. AJ all-British heavyweight unification bout is one of the most awaited bouts in the sport’s history.

And there’s been a lot of talk about talks for months.

Last month, both fighters agreed to a two-bout contract.

Top Rank and Eddie Hearn, on the other hand, have been working nonstop since then to win a full deal.

Hearn, 41, said: “We have exchanged some more final drafts and there will be a few more phone calls but it is as done as it can be.

“It is non-stop at the moment but it is happening, it is 100 per cent happening.”

According to Fury’s US-based promoter Bob Arum, the fight will take place in Saudi Arabia.

“We have [site deal] contracts now that we are marking up and so forth,” he told Boxing Scene.

“It’s a significant move forward. We’re just finishing up the paperwork with the Saudis right now.”

During an interview with talkSPORT, Hearn addressed Arum’s remarks, saying, “Yeah, that was a joke made by Bob Arum.” You can’t really tell Bob what he should or shouldn’t say. I’m not doing anything about it.

“They’ve agreed to the terms of the deal. We provided them with a website bid that they both approved and embraced.

It’s one of the most important events of all time, and it’ll most likely be the sporting event of 2021, so fingers crossed – we’re almost there.

“We’re dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, and you’ll hear from us shortly, but the battle will take place this summer.”

“It is one of the biggest of all time, probably the sporting event of 2021, so fingers crossed – we are nearly there.

“I keep saying we are nearly there but, as I said, site approved, deal approved, everything done now.

“We are just papering it and there will be an official announcement soon.”

The war is expected to take place during the Tokyo Olympics, with the most likely dates being July 24 or 31.

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