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Two Peas in a Pod: Pela Okiemute and Fifi Usman, the Skin Lightening Merchants

What do these light skinned duo both have in common? Their passion for selling creams, injectables and pills, capable of transforming one’s skin colour from ebony to ivory with claims of no side effects. Both are not only walking advertisements of their trade having turned fair skinned from their original ebony colour, they are seriously cleaning out as their places of business, situated in high brow areas, have been turned to Meccas of some sort by men and women who besiege them daily and are willing to part with huge sums of money for their services. Welcome to the world of Safia Usman popularly known as ‘fifi sharp sharp’ d moon, and Pela Okeimute. While Fifi hails from Akwa Ibom state and is a graduate the University of Lagos, Pela is an indigene of Delta State and a graduate of Bells University of Technology. In addition to being a graduate of Creative arts, Fifi also has a certificate in beauty therapy from the Philippines. Pela on his own part, combines his skin lightening business with hair styling and interior decoration.

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