Twitter blocks accounts of Venezuelan vice-president who deals with combating covid-19

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, on Friday said Twitter blocked the accounts of Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez, who heads the country’s presidential commission on the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

“Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez leads the presidential commission against COVID-19.

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“The inhuman and reckless gesture is that Twitter restricts @DrodriguezVen and @ViceVenezuela accounts, which are the sources of information necessary for the people of Venezuela in these unforeseen circumstances,’’ Arreaza said on Twitter.

At the moment, when trying to switch to the above mentioned Twitter accounts, a notification is given that these accounts are temporarily restricted.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza

However, Rodriguez’s English language account is still available for users.

Venezuela has so far registered 42 coronavirus cases, with six new cases confirmed over the past 24 hours.

The World Health Organisation declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic on March 11.

More than 244,000 people have been infected worldwide, with no fewer than 10,000 fatalities, according to John Hopkins University. 

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