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Why TV, radio stations refuse to play my song- Fresh Fela

ALLI, Mutiat

(Pics: Fresh Fela)

Afro-beat music artiste, Diwa Godfrey Muapa, aka ‘Fresh Fela’ who claims to have intentionally styled his brand of music after the late afro-beat maverick, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, has lamented Nigerian TV and radio stations’ refusal to air the audio and visuals of his latest song titled ‘Wahala dey for Naija’. According to the aggrieved singer who takes after his mentor, Fela, by making conscious music, their refusal to air his song was hinged on the excused that the message is political.

“I feel so bad because I thought writing Nigerian wrongs will pass a message to the masses and the only and easiest way is the local TV stations but they refuse playing it. How can a message travel while you have not sent it”, he lamented.

He added that if their excuse for not airing it was because he didn’t grease palms, it would have even been better. But according to him, they said TV stations didn’t even request for money from him but refused to play his song.

“They don’t want money but they are afraid because the song is political, that if they go ahead to play it the government may shut down their stations. Its only one radio station, Wazobia Fm that has been playing”, he said.

Speaking further, he boasted that this sad experience will have no pose no form of setback to his passion for making conscious music or his music career.

“It has not and will have no effect on my music career as an AfroBeat singer”, he bragged.

He further stated that threats from government or anybody to quit making conscious music will not disturb him.

“No I am not afraid of threats from the government or anybody. I know I will die one day so any way is a way. I believe that threats will only affect me and not my music. I believe that if I pass away or I give up in life my message will not give up”, he said with confidence.

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