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TUC woos FG over anti-corruption campaign; pledges support to fight scourge

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) says it is ready to help
the present administration of Mohammadu Buhari in sanitizing the civil
and public service system in bringing to end corrupt practices.

The TUC president, Comrade Bobo Bala Kaigama, stated this while paying
a working visit to the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory,
Mallam Mohammed Musa Bello who holds forth to Mr. President in FCT
administration as an extension of the Presidency.

According to the visiting TUC President, to bring Nigeria to normal
again needs the collaboration of many organs of government so to
correct many things that have gone wrong in the past. He stressed the
fact that many issues of corruption had been linked to civil or public
servants, who were being used in moving document as regards the
illicit flow of money out of the country.

“his words, we have said it time without number, that public servants
who are found among corrupt persons will never get our support rather
we will turn our back against such persons. We have discovered that
these persons have coursed the Nigerian labourers more damage to their
lives than good. This is because the money they move out of this
country, should have been invested in Nigeria to help grow the economy
and better the lives of our civil and public servants, those who are
under our membership”

Commenting on the recent arrest of judges by the DSS the TUC
President, regretted the unfortunate scenario, yet said there that
there can never be smoke without fire. He assured that his leadership
support to the change mantra, should exonerates no one irrespective of
the religion or political class.

Comrade, Kaigama, who was in the office of the Minister of the FCT, to
discuss about the pressing issue of housing demand among the Nigeria
workers, more especially those residing and working in the FCT, stated
that his body has come to correct some anomalies which has gone wrong
in the hand of several FCT administration as far as housing issue is

Kaigama, however, frowned at the embezzlement of funds collected from
workers in the past by former Developers( name withheld), said that
such should be investigated properly  by the present FCT
administration to ensure that such monies are refunded or channeled

He maintained that the TUC having gotten the services of another
reliable developer should be able to obtain necessary infrastructures
available for the developer to have proper access to the sites and
begin works on the sites.

Part of its visit, was the plea to alleviate the suffering of over 74
directors who were wrongfully disengaged in 2004 by previous
administration. He requested that their monies and other benefits will
be paid as was contained in the High court Judgment that sat on its

Responding to the visitors and also in engaging in the issues raised,
the Minister of the FCT, Mallam Musa Mohammed Bello, said that his
administration should not make the mistake of working outside the
rules of the TUC, since his office exists within the public service.

While assuring the TUC of comradeship, promised to do all within its
powers to address the matters that bother on the welfare of Nigerian
workers more especially as regards the housing deficits, recovery of
illegal money collected from workers as well as providing necessary
infrastructure to enable it possess another allocation when the land
allocation process begins under his administration.
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