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Trino Studios screens first feature film ‘Sylvia’

….As Chris Attoh, Zainab Balogun gives good shot

A new and exciting thriller movie ‘Sylvia’ was recently premiered at the Silverbird Galleria leaving members of the audience with a feeling of satisfaction that yet with the movie, the industry is gaining its ground back with telling good stories.

From the producer of award winning short films ‘Las Gidi Cops and The Encounter’, comes Sylvia movie which offers an enthralling thriller drama that will indeed set the movie industry ablaze

Sylvia movie centre on the cause and effect nature of relationships, mental health and the real versus the surreal world with this compelling story.

The movie which featured a stellar cast that includes Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh who played the role of Richard, Zainab Balogun as Sylvia, Ini Dima Okojie as Gbemi, and Udoka Oyeka as Obaro, Radio Host, Lolo amongst others.

Chris Attoh stars as Richard the protagonist. Richard has always existed between the real world and a fantasy world; home to his friend and lover Sylvia (Zainab Balogun). Filled with passion and love, the two devotees embark on a journey of commitment.

Time and life goes on leaving Richard in a dicey situation. He is now faced with the decision on a future and full commitment, either to the real world with its demands or the surreal world that houses an increasingly frustrated Sylvia. Events unfold leading Richard on a downward spiral. The movie ends shockingly and unforgettably.

Produced by Ekene Mekwunye and directed by Daniel Oriahi, the movie which is written by Vanessa Kanu, has a remarkable original musical composition which synchronizes every scenes of the movie together.

In a chat with the producer of the movie who disclosed that it took a period of three years to put together the finished product of Sylvia movie with an estimated budget of N50M. In his words ‘The movie industry is at the stage where movie production should not be based on just the production value alone but for the value and technical output.

Expected to hit the cinema come September 21, 2018, the 104minutes movie is sure going to be a delight to watch as it scores good ratings in picture quality, sequence, technical flow, character choice amongst others.

Although the movie started on a low pace, a style the director of photography used in gripping viewers to anticipate the next scene which sure is a must watch. The movie sure gets a 7/10 ratings.

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