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Tourism: How musical videos, films, enhance sector – Artist

…Harps on employment benefits
For Nigeria to tap extensively from the huge tourism potentials in the country, there is need to explore every aspect of tourism including musical videos and musical films.

This observation was made by the dance hall Night Life artist, Clement Ojong, otherwise known as, Nfaso. He said that the Federal Government have neglected the National Arts Theatre for too long. He described the edifice, which used to be tourists delight, as a great monument.

Ojong has also urged government to make rebranding of the tourism industry a top priority, especially at this period that income in oil has drastically fallen, without a doubt, tourism remains the best alternative option.

While enumerating achievements, the artist, who said he has been in the musical industry much earlier, identifying his fourth album tracks as most outstanding, said, “I have been in the music industry for a long time.

I just released my fourth album and it’s really doing well in the market. I am still working towards the video shoot of this particular album. Some tracks in the new released album, which include Ukereje, Yorkiyeb, as well as, Mboloko are making waves.

In addition, emphasizing since he was a child, he had always developed the love for music. According to him, he has had offers from three or four big clubs in Ogoja to perform.

Speaking further however, he said he had equally played with Sunny Neji for six years before he decided to go solo. “Since I went solo I started playing together with Ibro Zulu Zu as group until they released their first album kerewa.”

Therefore, Ojong spoke, “On my own I have been able to come out with three audio album and one video album, thereby features Sunny Neji in one of these tracks.”

Ojong equally decried the neglect of the tourists edifice, national theatre, adding that Nigeria lack maintenance culture and continuity. He said theatre should be kept alive for exhibition of arts and sculptures. “It is not really serving it’s purposes,” the musician stressed.

Expressing optimism, he stated, the national theatre that attracted people from home and abroad, is lying in waste.

Speaking further, the musician also appealed that Nigerians should embrace peace, unity, and love just as music promotes peace and unity to a great extent in connection with the people.

“There is no human who knows what tomorrow will bring and knowing that when we are going, we are going with nothing. There is no point being greed, self centered and selfish.”

On the challenges most artists face in the industry, he pointed out that sponsorship, support as well as, promotion are the major challenges.

“I have many challenges, including, sponsorship, support otherwise promotion. I have done good jobs that are out there because I am not under any record label to coordinates the production, marketing and promotion.

In this profession it is difficult for one to get to a break-even point. I have organized a lot of shows that attracted artist from all over the country to the venue.”

Commenting on the uniqueness of his genre of music, he said, “I am not just singing but I talk. My music most make impact. “The melody will drive you along especially this latest one.

Music is appealing and expression of life,” he explained.

Narrating the high patronage of Nigerians music abroad, he stressed that “I am one the artists which music are being patronising over there.

I visited one these Africa countries and I found out that my music was making waves more than here, while I am struggling to be known in one state.”

Describing entertainment industry as pretty well, “Before now things were not this well. During my first album l had problem with my market that we had to drag ourselves through the mud,” Ojong recalled.

In the nearest future, I see myself touring around the world, advising to the upcoming artists to shun all distractions and believe in God for a better future, the artist ended.

Ebere Chibuzor

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