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Having a Tough Relationship? Patch It Up!

By: Mutiat Alli

Relationships are meant to be enjoyed and it should be able to connect two partners together. There is nothing like an overnight perfect relationship, but what makes it perfect is how the two parties respond to one another and also relate with each other.

Relationship is all about understanding, trust, love, unity, truth, appreciation and lots more. Yes! Appreciation is also inclusive because without appreciation, there will not be “current”. Relationship is like an “Electric Connection”. Both parties need to be connected with each other. A situation where by the male does not appreciate the female or the female does not appreciate the male, it’s not helping at all.

This will end up causing more havoc and the relationship will collapse. The two must work together. Most of us want to settle down with the right person and most of us want a perfect relationship, but how can it work out when there is no trust, understanding, appreciation? Most relationships fail not because the two parties don’t love themselves but because they lack the reasons which will be listed below:    

                                                                            Trust: most relationships fail because of lack of trust. When you fail to trust your partner, how do you expect it to work? Lack or loss of trust is one of the most harmful contagions that break down a long built relationship. Without trust, a relationship will miss out two of the key anchors to a strong bond, which are: Safety and Security. For a relationship to have trust issues, these may likely be the cause: Jealousy, Possessiveness, Lack of Emotional Support, Lack of Financial Compatibility, Physical/Sexual Infidelity, etc.                                                                          

 Mister/Miss Right: Relationship that is being based on these can never work. In a situation where by the two are always claiming to be right all the time will not help the relationship to grow. The two must always give listening ears to one another and cooperative as well. Do not claim mister/Miss know all. The both of you can not be boss at the same time. Learn to listen to one another, exchange ideas, discuss and by doing these the relationship will grow more.    

                                                                             Differences in Priorities: your partner has different priorities and expectations regarding the relationship. In most relationships, the significant i.e (the family) can be the primary center of gravity of life, i.e nothing else comes close in its importance. While for others, a romantic relationship, even a committed one is but one facet of life. There are many other aspects of life which in their perspective can justifiably take higher priority.                                                                      

 Poor Communication: Poor Communication can ruin or break down a relationship. When two partners lack communication there are indirectly bored at each other. With this, the relationship will fail. When two partners fail to communicate with themselves, they won’t know what they both feel deep inside. In a relationship where by there is mute between the two partners, it causes a breakdown. When you fail to communicate with your partner, the relationship becomes boring and the two  partners becomes tired of each other very quickly. So, communication is very important in every relationship.                                 

 Life Habit Abuse: life habit abuses are traits which although may or may not directly involve the partner, such as a secret gambling addiction, this may ultimately affect the relationship in a destructive way. E.g Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Sexual Addiction, etc.      

Lack of Time:  lack of time towards your partner breaks down relationships. No body prefers a boring relationship over a jovial and exciting relationship. Avoid using work as an excuse, you two must create time for yourselves. Go out together, watch movies, play ludo games or any other one, do a food competition and many others. When all these is being done, there will be testimonies regarding your relationship.                                                                                                        

Inadequate CallsYes!!  Call!!  This is a major problem in most relationships. Most partners lack calls, most of them do not even call at all and it destroys relationships. Failure to call your partner at least twice a day can mean many things. Things like :he/she is not  important,he/she is a time waste, or he/she is not missed and even more. So calling your partner shows you care and he /she crosses your mind all the time and you both will appreciate, love, and admire yourselves even more. Calling your partner is very important because you both will inspire many that comes your way and you both will be role models to many that sees the love that burns out from your relationship.

So, it’s always very important to keep in touch with the man or the woman you claim to love. Do not allow your long built relationship to falter!  

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