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Tired of that stretched mark? Try this!

Stretched marks are caused by rapid stretching of the skin or rapid growth. It is also influenced by hormonal changes. Stretched mark is also usually formed during the last trimester of pregnancy, usually on the belly and most times on the breast, thigh hips, lower back, upper arms, under arms and buttocks. It is likely to appear in the place where larger fats are stored. Young women and prenant women are most likely to have stretched mark. Increase in cortisone level also causes stretched marks. Stretched marks keeps some ladies away from putting on armless gowns, bikinis and some different kind of wears. Some have very thick stretched marks while some have the light one. Men don’t like stretched marks.
Below are ways you can get rid of your stretched mark today:
1. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is effective in the treating various skin problems. It can be used to get rid of stretched marks. Yyou can directly rub Aloe Vera on the affected skin area, leave it on for 10- 15 minutes and then rinse the skin with lukewarm water.
2. Lemon juice: another way to get rid of strcehed marks is by using lemon juice, lemon juice is naturally acidic which helps reduce stretched marks, Rub fresh lemon juice gently onto the stretch marks using circular motions. Allow the lemon juice to soak into your skin for at least 10 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.
3. Egg Whites: Eggs are a rich source of protein. For stretch marks, you want to use only the egg whites which contain amino acids and proteins. Whip the whites of two eggs gently with a fork. Clean the affected skin area with water and then apply a thick layer of egg whites with a makeup brush,
Allow the egg whites to dry completely and then rinse the area with cold water. Finally apply some olive oil on the skin to keep it moisturized, Repeat the process daily for at least two weeks and watch for positive results.
4. Sugar: Natural white sugar is one of the best way to get rid of stretch marks. Mix a tablespoon of sugar with some almond oil and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix it well and apply it on the stretch marks and other skin areas. Gently rub the mixture on the skin for a few minutes every day before taking a shower. Do this for a month or so and watch your stretch marks become lighter.
6. Potato Juice: Potato juice contains vitamins and minerals that foster growth and restoration of skin cells.
Cut a medium-sized potato into thick slices. Take one of the potato pieces and rub it gently on the stretch marks for a few minutes. Make sure the starch from the potato covers the affected area. Allow the potato juice to dry for some time and then wash it off.

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