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The Short of It All

It’s time to put your legs on display, what with the sweltering heat and what better way to do it than with rompers, short suits and short shorts.

The rompers
Rompers, playsuit, jumper, ‘onesie’ – whatever name you chose to call it – is back and with a bang too. They are one piece shorts outfits that go from ultra casual to formal. These glamorous and modern trend are the perfect way to look sexy and sophisticated and are an alternative to wearing a dress.  The details and fabric is what makes this ‘onesie’ to stand out.

A romper isn’t the easiest garment to pull off, but these tips will see you through.

  • Make sure it’s not too tight. Rompers aren’t supposed to look like second skin. Camel-toes aren’t cute.
  • Watch the length. Your butt cheeks shouldn’t be making their debut; the bottom of the romper should reach the ends of your fingertips.
  • Choose a solid-colored romper. They tend to look classier.
  • Break up the outfit with a belt.
  • Layer up. Adding a cute military-style jacket over one makes the whole look feel more put-together.
  • Glam it up with pumps or wedges, a little effort can go a long way.
  • Tone down on the accessories and avoid looking over-done.
  • Clutches and not purses just looks better.

Anyone can wear rompers as long as they have the confidence and the pins to pull it off, however, they are  more appropriate for younger girls as they show up girlish charms and youthful beauty.


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