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The Scourge of Boko Haram Turned Many IDPs to Street Bergers

Recently in Jimeta Yola Adamawa state administrative headquarters of both Tapital pulaku international and state Secretariat respectively there is a high number of street bergers roaming the knocks and crannies of the two towns to get a means of survival, our correspondent investigate and found out that most of the people begging along the streets of Yola and Jimeta are those affected by the attacks of Boko Haram who might have lost all their profits and belongings to insurgency.

In our investigations the people resorted to begging because of no one is coming to their immediate needs which could personal and need urgent attention as a man who simply call himself Baba Ali Bana from Maiduguri an IDP living with one of his family said,live is not always easy with them with over twenty people living with his brother which a times they all go hungry if he gets out and come back without a daily breads, a burden that is too much for him to bear.

“My son I am an idp I’m not original berger,and begging is not in our blood or tribe but I am force to do that to help my brother to Carter for over twenty people in his house with his meager salary,he gets to understand I am doing this he my not like it but then our children are in dare need of basic needs of life” He cried

Another IDP Mallam Ayuba from Gwoza who was seen around Yakubu shopping plaza in Jimeta met our correspondent and begged for an arms to go back to his home town, to him Boko Haram insurgency has gone since Gen.Buhari has been declared president elect of Nigeria

“Please I am an IDP I just want you to help me with money to go back to my village”

When asked of the certainty their safety, he responded with a very high assurance that;

” Buhari ya ci zabe, Boko Haram Ya kare, sun gudu yanzu-meaning there is no any Boko Haram they will all run now because Buhari is now the new president, all what I want now is what will just take me my home town”. He said

Only of recent many social vices were said to be coming from other camps of the idps as a result of poor management and lack instill discipline in the camps.

Making all effort to hear from the management of Adamawa state emergency management agency (adsema) prove abortive as his telephones lines were responding” not reachable” at the time of filling in this report.

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