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The LHHH' star Masika Kalysha Was With Justin Bieber

Some people will do absolutely anything for attention, right? In this instance, we are talking about LHHH‘s Masika Kalysha Tucker. Masika Kalysha Tucker is reality star in VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” docu-soap.
 As Justin Bieber celebrated his 21st birthday with his rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin , Tucker decided to also wish him a happy birthday in her own special way, according to Media Take Out.
Tucker took to her Instagram account to posted what most certainly appeared to be Bieber sleeping beside her with the caption, “Happy 21.” The photo does appear to be Bieber based on the tattoos.
The backlash to it was so huge that Tucker deleted the photo pretty quickly. Many of her followers began posting comments on her other photos, asking why she pulled the photo of Justine down and she was blatantly slammed  her attention-seeking antics.
Maybe she hooked up with Bieber at some point and was basically saving that picture for a rainy day when she was wanting the little bit of extra attention that it would get her. Was it a genuine birthday wish or just intended to grab a headline?

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