The Killings Continue —

The Killings Continue

Six hundred and twenty nine people were reported to have been killed during the 2019 election cycle. Such number of deaths should have caused a state of emergency to be declared and every possible action taken to ensure that such never happens again but alas there seem to be a rabid love for blood of citizens to be spilled by the Nigerian politicians, more so when they are in power.

All they want is the red blood painting the soil red and citizens with glazed eyes and hearts struck by terror. That way they feel invincible and reassured of their perpetual hold of power.

How can electing people to serve be something that gets one killed? How come people who are supposed to serve will do anything to get there even if it means killing? That, more than anything shows they are not there to serve and if there is any service being rendered it is service to themselves and their cronies.

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The killings from the 2019 general election have continued and more have been killed in the recent Kogi and Bayelsa gubernatorial elections. More houses thrown into grief and families devastated. During the 2019 generation election deaths occurred in Kogi State and again this time. What is the crime of the people? In all, they do not even have the good governance to show for it. What then are they being killed for? Is it to continue to perpetuate the bad governance that has pervaded the land?

The picture of the young man who was a first time voter killed in Kogi during the general election is still haunting those who still have their conscience and now more pictures have emerged of people killed for simply going to exercise a civic duty that shouldn’t even entail a public holiday talk less of no movement order.

All throughout the day of election I kept recollecting the face of this young man cut short in his prime for being a law abiding citizen. His Facebook posts of excitement of looking forward to voting and calling for peace will forever be an indictment on our Nation that has allowed charlatans to take over power and unleash terror and mayhem on citizens.

Sadly the deaths are not going to abate; rather they are going to increase to a level the world probably has never seen before. There is nothing to stop those perpetrating this violence. There is no prosecution, there is no shunning or calling out from the society even though they are known. Rather there is reward for the perpetrators.

The APC led government is bent on unleashing terror on the Nation and they have just started. What we have seen so far will be child’s play compared to what is coming. There is nothing holding them. Sadly the Judiciary and legislature seem to be in their pocket and the only thing standing before them and absolute reign of terror are the people and they are working on conquering the people one person at a time. When they are done even the people themselves will not think they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity accorded to human life.

We have option to swallow our fears and collectively make demands or stay in our respective houses and continue to pray that the bullets do not locate us. What is sad about the whole situation is that there is more certainty of the bullets locating us even in our houses than the government stopping its reign of terror.

When it happened to the victims of 2019 general election the latest victims never thought it would be their turn just as we also do not think it will be our turn. They too said God forbid and they also prayed.

We have to realise there is time and place for everything. God will not do for us what he has given us the capacity to do for ourselves.  We need to do the needful.

We should all come out together and demand for electoral reform. Card reader must become part of our law. It would be a deterrent to the violence that has now gripped our elections. Without electoral reforms we would witness more heinous violence because a precedent has been set that as long as you kill for election you are not only going to walk away freely but will also be rewarded immensely. If you are one of those who say you will not come out to make demand because you do not want to be killed then I have news for you, the bullets are going round looking for the next victim and let me repeat once again yesterday’s victims were once survivors. Today’s victims were yesterday’s survivors and tomorrow’s victims would be today’s survivors. Who’s next?

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